Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Endometrial Myomectomy: A New Soul in Caesarean Myomectomy: (IGWHC) - Lupine Publishers

Endometrial Myomectomy: A New Soul in Caesarean Myomectomy by ┼×afak Hatirnaz in Interventions in Gynaecology and Women’s Healthcare (IGWHC) in Lupine Publishers

Study objective: To introduce a new surgical technique to the clinical practice by comparing the perop and early postop outcomes of endometrial myomectomy is to serosal myomectomy during caesarean section. 22 cases which consented for endometrial myomectomy were enrolled to Group1 and 24 cases which had serosal myomectomy were included in the control group as Group 2 that has been applied in our practice. Posteriorly located myomas and asymptomatic cases were excluded in both groups. All findings related to the myoma including location, size and the number of the myomas were recorded. Blood loss during surgery, haematological course during pre and postoperative period, the need for blood Transfusion, total time of surgery, and hospital stay was also documented.
Conclusion: Endometrial myomectomy seems to be a safe, easily applicable surgical technique as compared to serosal myomectomy. The risk of adhesion formation and intra operative blood loss are less.


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