Friday 2 November 2018

Impact Study of the Tropical Cyclone “Kirrily” to the Southeast Mollucas & West Papua Areas on 26-29 April 2009 (MAOPS)- Lupine Publishers

Tropical cyclone could be one of the weather phenomenons that it developed in the low latitudes or near the equator line. One of rare occurrence of tropical cyclone in the low latitude would be generated and developed over Southeast Mollucca waters of the so called Kirrily during period 26-29 April 2009. The rare Tropical Cyclone Kirrily over these waters might cause and give impact over Southeast Moluccas and West Papua islands. The data and method would apply from direct meteorological observations, data from ECMWF model and cloud pictures condition from satellite imagery with descriptic and analytic method for studying impact tropical cyclone to the weather system in Southeast Mollucas and West Papua islands. Hopefully interesting result finding could be found in this study.

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