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Circadian Disruption, Sleep Loss, and Low-Grade Inflammation: (RRHOAJ)-Lupine Publishers

Circadian Disruption, Sleep Loss, and Low-Grade Inflammation by Rüdiger Hardeland in Research and Reviews on Healthcare: Open Access Journal in Lupine Publishers

Circadian rhythmicity is a fundamental property of the majority of organisms, including bacteria, unicellular eukaryotes, fungi, plants and animals. It is generated by cellular oscillators and may have evolved to cope with adverse phases in the cycle of a day that bear the risk of damage by radiation and reactive metabolites, such as free radicals. In a complex organism like the human, the circadian system is composed of numerous, internally communicating, oscillators including a coordinating master clock, the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) [1]. It provides a program for structuring countless physiological functions in a sophisticated temporal pattern that optimizes the alignment of processes and also the anticipation of regularly expectable changes, such as an approaching time of arousal and locomotor activity, of food intake and even social interactions.

The Electric Potential of the Female Body Liquids and the Effectiveness of Cloning: (RRHOAJ)-Lupine Publishers

The Electric Potential of the Female Body Liquids and the Effectiveness of Cloning by Yuri Pivovarenko in Research and Reviews on Healthcare: Open Access Journal in Lupine Publishers

It was previously shown that the electric potential of biological liquids of the female body correlated with the stages of the menstrual cycle: these liquids have a negative potential at the stage of ovulation, but the positive potential on the phases before and after ovulation. It was also shown that the electric potential of the water determines its surface tension, as well as its ability to hydrate the polysaccharides. On the basis of obtained results it is concluded that the electrical potential of the body liquids of women, and is the surface tension and the ability to hydrate the polysaccharides of these liquids, can be cyclically varied during the menstrual cycle. It is demonstrated that the use of these ratios allows influencing the processes of reproduction and increasing the efficiency of cloning.

Nanoemulgel Innovative Approach for Topical Gel Based Formulation: (RRHOAJ)-Lupine Publishers

Nanoemulgel Innovative Approach for Topical Gel Based Formulation by
Bhupendra G Prajapati in Research and Reviews on Healthcare: Open Access Journal in Lupine Publishers 

The lipophilic nature of majority of newly developed drugs has resulting in poor bioavailability, and pharmacokinetic variations. The goal of this evaluation is to evaluate and report the current potential and future scope of nanoemulgel formulation for becoming an effective delivery system for poorly water-soluble drugs. Nanoemulgel consist two different systems in which drug containing nanoemulsionis incorporated into a gel base. The fusion of these two systems makes this formulation advantageous in several ways. Lipophilic drugs can be easily incorporated and the skin permeability of the incorporated drugs can be enhanced in several folds due to the finely distributed oil droplets in gel phase. Simultaneously, it can be targeted more specifically to the site of action and can avoid first pass metabolism and relieve the user from gastric/systemic incompatibilities. The nanoemulgel drug delivery system is a formulation related intervention to improve drug absorption and therapeutic profile of lipophilic drugs. An increasing trend in nanoemulgel use in recent years has been noticed because of the better acceptability of the preparation to the patients due to their non-greasy, convenience spreadability, and easy applicability and good therapeutic and safety profile. Despite having few limitations, nanoemulgel formulation can be considered as potential and promising candidates for topical delivery of lipophilic drugs in the future.

Nursing, Work and Mental Illness: (RRHOAJ)-Lupine Publishers

The worker’s health is a public health whose object of study and intervention the relationship between work and health, which establishes a control of hazards to worker health. Thus, the term occupational health the body of knowledge from different disciplines such as Occupational Health Nursing, Public Health, Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Sociology, Social Epidemiology, Engineering, Psychology, among many others, which together with the scientific knowledge on occupational health establishes a new way of understanding the relationship between health and work. The work is a transformative activity of reality that provides the conditions for survival and fulfillment of the worker. Through actions, the product of their labor, the human being realizes his life as a project, recognizes its ontological condition, embodied and expressed their dependence and power over nature, producing the material, cultural and institutional resources that constitute its environment [1].

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Clinical Biomarkers and Biotechnology in Fertile Window: (IGWHC) - Lupine Publishers

Clinical Biomarkers and Biotechnology in Fertile Window by Murcia Lora José María in Interventions in Gynaecology and Women’s Healthcare (IGWHC) in Lupine Publishers

The works destined to the recognition of the fertility in the fertile window have been carried out by means of different clinical studies, and medical devices that have been object of interest and of investigation at international level, in the last years. In this context, this article aims to expose some of the biophysical characteristics of cervical secretion that has influenced advances in biotechnology applied to the recognition of fertility. Cervical secretion is mainly reviewed as a biomarker applied to the recognition of fertility in the fertile window in this context.

Menopause Hormone Therapy Current Evidence and Clinical Use: (IGWHC) - Lupine Publishers

Menopause Hormone Therapy Current Evidence and Clinical Use by BaquedanoL, LaprestaM and Colmenarejo F in Interventions in Gynaecology and Women’s Healthcare (IGWHC) in Lupine Publishers

Spontaneous menopause, the permanent cessation of menstruation caused by loss of ovarian function, occurs at a mean age of 51-52 years. As life expectancy increases,women are living far longer after menopauseonset than in the past.Climacteric syndrome is common but it is not always necessary to treat women in the transition and in menopause. However, hormonal changes can be associated with symptoms; the most common are hot flashes and night sweats. Others like dyspareunia, vaginal dryness, mood swings and sexual dysfunction can frequently appear. There is an increase in bone resorption on occasions leading toosteopenia and osteoporosis. Women who are severely symptomatic, 25-30% of all menopause women, have their quality of life affected [1]. In addition to this deleterious effect, menopausal womenalso have an increased prevalence of coronary heart disease and obesity [2].Menopause hormone therapy (MHT) is the most effective treatment for symptoms. It is the gold standard for relievingvasomotorsymptoms (VSM) and also it improves other problems related with menopause. Furthermore, MHT is effective in preventing the loss of bone massand in reducing cardiovascular accident [3]. Thus, there is a global consensus statement on MHT that concluded that for symptomatic women the benefits are higher than risks before 60 years old or within 10 years after menopause [4-6].

On Medical Avatars in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Endometriosis: (IGWHC) - Lupine Publishers

On Medical Avatars in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Endometriosis by Alain L Fymat in Interventions in Gynaecology and Women’s Healthcare (IGWHC) in Lupine Publishers

In the Hindu religion, an avatar is the incarnation of a god, a metamorphosis or a change, usually for the worse. More commonly, it is a frustrating event or an accident. By contrast, in the physical sciences and in engineering, it is a “model” that allows one to simulate numerically a physical phenomenon or instrument or an engineering device. Providing the model is a “good” representation of that phenomenon, instrument or device, it enables one to describe a certain reality. It also enables one to predict the instrument or device performance for any assumed governing parameters. Importantly, it obviates the need to physically construct that instrument or device for every plausible set of parameters, a hopeless waste of time, effort and resources. With the template provided by the model, all possible situations could be mimicked straightforwardly and their performance determined merely by changing the underlying parameters and running the template in a numerical processor (computer).

In Dealing with Influenza Infection in Pregnant Women: (IGWHC) - Lupine Publishers

In Dealing with Influenza Infection in Pregnant Women by Myat San Yi, MiMi Khaing and SoeLwin in Interventions in Gynaecology and Women’s Healthcare (IGWHC) in Lupine Publishers

Pregnant women are vulnerable to influenza infection. Seasonal flu infection is common and the diagnosis is mainly clinical based. If clinician is not aware of warning symptoms and signs, the seasonal flu infection can lead to serious morbidity and mortality. Therefore, clinician plays an important role to observe and monitor closely and update oneself with the progress of the disease process. Simple interventions like hand hygiene, covers coughs and sneezes with isolation will be helpful to prevent the transmission of the disease.

Diagnosis and Management of Bilateral Uterine Arteries Aneurysm during Puerperium: (IGWHC) - Lupine Publishers

Diagnosis and Management of Bilateral Uterine Arteries Aneurysm during Puerperium by Amir Elnahas, Mohammed Khidir Tayfoor and Salma Mohammed Hassan Eltayeb in Interventions in Gynaecology and Women’s Healthcare (IGWHC) in Lupine Publishers

Background: Uterine artery pseudo aneurysm is a rare but it can be one of complication of cesarean section. If treated inadequately, it may cause profuse life-threatening postpartum hemorrhage. We report a rare case of bilateral uterine arteries pseudoaneurysm that lead to life threatening secondary postpartum hemorrhage.
Case: 25 years old, PI, she underwent category 1 caesarean delivery, 55 days later she experienced recurrent massive attack of secondary postpartum hemorrhage. The diagnosis of bilateral uterine arteries aneurysm was made by CT angiograph. It was successfully treated by selective embolization of the bilateral uterine arteries.
Conclusion: Rupture of aneurysm of the uterine artery can be a life-threatening condition. Clinical suspicious is the key point for prompt diagnosis. Diagnosis can achieve by angiography and embolization therapy can effectively stop the bleeding.

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Natural Measures of Normalization 0f Vital Systems of the Person for maintaining of the Healthy Longevity: (RRHOAJ)-Lupine publishers

Natural Measures of Normalization 0f Vital Systems of the Person for maintaining of the Healthy Longevity by Evgeniy Bryndin in Research and Reviews on Healthcare: Open Access Journal in Lupine Publishers

The World Health Organization reads that the organism status only for 5% depends on services of health care, for 10% of the environment, for 10% of heredity, for 5% of a supply and for 70% of a way of life. The healthy status of people reaches and supports by a healthy lifestyle. The healthy status is reached by setup of vital systems and integral normal functioning of an organism. The scientist and doctor Avicenna was convinced: The person, moderately both timely engaged in physical exercises and realizing natural measures of normalization of vital systems, does not need treatment. The person reaches and supports a healthy status in the environmentally friendly natural and spiritual social environment by the healthy lifestyle including preventive health the supporting spiritual and solid cleanings up and also physical exercises of normalization, first, physiological rhythms gymnastics, secondly, of a power system charging, thirdly, of a tone of muscles of an organism physical culture. For this purpose it is necessary to create health the preserving health care system on the basis of a healthy lifestyle. Natural measures of normalization of vital systems of the person are briefly covered in article.

Evaluation of the Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Semi -Purified Glycoside Extracted from the Leaves of Plumeriarubra (Kalachuchi): (RRHOAJ)-Lupine Publishers

Evaluation of the Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Semi-Purified Glycoside Extracted from the Leaves of Plumeriarubra(Kalachuchi) by Renato I Dalmacio in Research and Reviews on Healthcare: Open Access Journal in Lupine Publishers

The researchers focused on skin inflammation. An inflammation is a biological response of the body aiming to remove the harmful stimuli that affects a part of our body. Based on visual observation, the ancients characterized inflammation by five cardinal signs; heat (calor) is caused by the increased movement of blood through dilated vessels into the environmentally cooled extremities, also resulting on the increased redness (rubor), swelling (tumor) is the result of increased passage of fluid from dilated and permeable blood vessels into the surrounding tissues, infiltration of cells into the damaged area, and in prolonged inflammatory responses deposition of connective tissue, pain (dolor) is due to the direct effects of mediators, either from initial damage or that resulting from the inflammatory response itself, and the stretching of sensory nerves due to oedema and loss of function (functiolaesa) refers to either simple loss of mobility in a joint. (Punchard N.A., Whelan C.J., Adcock I., 2004)[1-3].

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The Rate of Cerebral Blood Flow in the Clinic Of Traumatology and Orthopedics: (RRHOAJ)-Lupine Publishers

The Rate of Cerebral Blood Flow in the Clinic of Traumatology and Orthopedics by
Vladimir Alexeevich Schurov in Research and Reviews on Healthcare: Open Access Journal in Lupine Publishers

Assessed by ultrasound Doppler blood flow velocity (BFV) in middle cerebral arteries (MCA) reflects the state of the body of patients. A study of representative samples of healthy people of
different age showed that the BFV has been steadily declining with increasing age. In healthy people, the BFV is reduced from 123 cm/s at a rate 0,707 cm/s per year. The decline of 60% from the original
values leads to disruption of the capacity of the centers in the brain and infact the entire body.

Pre-Diabetes and it’s Associated Risk Factors in Libya: Future Needs for Public Health Care: (RRHOAJ)-Lupine Publishers

Pre-Diabetes and it’s Associated Risk Factors in Libya: Future Needs for Public Health Care by
Fathi Mohamed Sherif in Research and Reviews on Healthcare: Open Access Journal in Lupine Publishers

Diabetes mellitus is a major public health problem and is a primary cause of morbidity and mortality. The state incidence has much increased in the last years but with a major ignorance of the state health authorities. Thus, this study was aimed to explore the frequency of pre-diabetes and its associated risk factors among Libyan people. Data was collect from 911 (Males = 426 and Females = 485) non diabetic Libyan residents to identify pre-diabetes during 2016 and 2017, followed by risk assessment questionnaire. Findings indicate that 16.5% of the participants having pre-diabetes and it is higher in females than males. 70% of the cases with pre-diabetes were overweight (37.3% with BMI of 24-28 and 30% with BMI > 28) which were at high risk for developing diabetes. High rate of physical inactivity of the participants was distinguished (75% do not do any active physical activity). This study shows high incidence of pre-diabetes among the Libyan population. Thus, an action for national public health education for an early diagnosis of pre-diabetes and for a better healthy lifestyle is directly needed.

Nanotechnology in Phytotherapy: The Effect of Noni’s Nanoemulsion on Bacterial Translocation Induced By Experimental Model of Intestinal Ischemia and Reperfusion: (RRHOAJ)-Lupine Publishers

Background: The study evaluated nano structured extract Morinda citrifolia L. (Noni) conveyed in enteral form, in an experimental model of intestinal ischemia/reperfusion (I/R), as well as in the prevention of bacterial translocation.

Study of Parameters and Reliability of the Minortress Irrigation System for Work in the Conditions of Mining Farming in Azerbaijan: (CIACR) - Lupine Publishers

In recent years both in the republic, and in the CIS and far abroad, the development of stationary systems of low-intensity irrigation, consisting of micro-irrigation, pulse sprinkling of self-oscillating action, aerosol irrigation, combined micro humidification, drip, pulse-drop and others. This is due to the fact that the system of low- intensity irrigation has a number of significant advantages over other methods of irrigation. Especially promising is the creation of automated sprinkling systems with pulsed apparatuses, microincendiaries of the combined, step-type micro-idlers of the rocker type, pulse-dropping devices of self-oscillating action, etc. It should be noted that these systems can reduce the capital costs for their construction, also provide the principle of both "sprinkling” and "drip irrigation” with daily water consumption of plants. That is, to create optimal conditions for the growth and development of plants in the period of their vegetation.

Modern Vacation of Economic Development Indicators of Caspian Regions in Azerbaijan: (CIACR) - Lupine Publishers

a. Area: 3,29 thousand km2.
b. Population: 551,800 people.
c. Administrative districts: Sumgait city, Absheron and Khizi districts.
d. Natural resources: sawdust, limestone, cements raw material, quartz, construction sand, balneological resources.
e. Main areas of the economy: Industrial and agrarian- industrial complex, tourism.
f. Industrial areas: oil and gas extraction, petrochemicals and chemistry, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, energy, light and food industries.
g. Agrarian fields: livestock breeding, poultry farming, sheep breeding, vegetable growing, gardening, vine growing, flowering and dry subtropical fruits. Olive, saffron, pistachio and other products are grown.
h. Areas of service: Construction, transport, communic ation, tourism and so on.
i. It is the only economic region with no domestic drinking water. The economic region is provided by drinking water and water pipes from the Samur and Kura rivers.

The Systems of Consumer Demand Analysis: A Review: (CIACR) - Lupine Publishers

For several decades both theoretical and empirical economist have shown interest in consumers behavior and regarding consumer's preferences has increased our understanding enormously. This paper is based on the comparative assessment of the demand system selected; the Linear Expenditure System fails to describe consumers demand behavior as specified by Engel's-Law. With the increasing expenditures, inferior commodities lean towards luxuries which are not plausible. So, for food demand analysis the LES is not appropriate. With utility maximizing behavior the Rotterdam is not consistent even if corresponds-to-generally- accepted-empirical-facts-and-is flexible (e.g. the substitutive or complementary relationship among goods and demand description for inferior commodities, necessities and luxuries). The parametric restrictions given by AIDS and Indirect Trans log System, theoretical properties of demand function can be imposed. Both systems depict generally empirical facts and are derived from flexible function from. However, estimation process may become difficult due to relatively high number of independent parameters the Indirect Tans log System. Linear Approximate Almost Ideal Demand System are much simpler in estimation and linear in parameters and therefore, LA/AIDS can be widely applied as basic model for empirical studies.

Determination of Additional Parameters for Screening of Different Tea Cultivars against Shot Hole Borer: Comparative Assessment on Relationship of Plant Growth Parameters with Galleries in the Stem: (CIACR) - Lupine Publishers

Shot whole borer (Xyleborusfornicatus Eichh.) (SHB) is considered as the most serious and economically important pest in tea plantations in Sri Lanka. Present study was done to determine the parameters for screening of different tea cultivars against SHB. Prune time assessments on plant growth parameters of plant breeding trials were used to correlate data on galleries per 30cm in the laboratory bioassay to determine their relationship on SHB infestation in tea. A set of new tea cultivars with known tolerant and susceptible cultivars were used in the study. The regression analysis indicated that the intermodal length, mean number of prune cuts and mean prune weight had a significant positive relationship (P<0.05) with SHB infestation and those could be considered as valid parameters for cultivar screening against SHB in tea. Formulated multiple regression model [Galleriesper 30cm units= (-8.27)+(0.1183 X1)+(1.987 X2), where; X1-mean number of prune cuts, X2-internodal length], was significant (P=0.007) and it explained 56.05% variation of galleries per 30cm (R2=56.05%). Mean number of galleries per 10cm stem had a significant (P<0.05) positive relationship (0.65) and the model explained 41.62% variation of galleries per foot (R2=41.62%).

Effect of Saline Water on Physicochemical Properties of Soil Used in Plastic Nursery Bags of Three Months Olive Sprouted Cuttings under Tunnel Conditions: (CIACR) - Lupine Publishers

The quality of irrigation water has the potential to significantly affect soil structural properties. The study was carried out at NARC Islamabad during August, 2017 to October, 2017 to investigate the effect of saline water on the soil characteristics as well as ionic concentrations in 4 olive varieties i.e. Uslo, Coratina, Carolea and Moraila having 3 months sprouted olive cuttings under different saline water treatments in tunnel. Six levels of saline water were artificially developed (ECw=0,2,4,6,8,10dSm-1). Completely randomized design was applied with three replications. Olive cuttings were irrigated with six saline water three times in a week. Results of this study indicated that soil pH was mentioned no differences with saline water irrigations among three olive varieties. However minute changes in soil pH were noted. Soil ECe was increased as well as the salinity of irrigation water was increased. Soil Na determined increasing trend as the salinity of irrigation water increased. Decreasing trend in soil K was noticed against the increasing of salinity levels by saline irrigation waters. Soil Ca+Mg described the increasing behavior as the salinity of irrigation water increased. Na+ in leaf olive tissues showed increasing behavior as the salinity of irrigation water increased. No difference was observed among three olive varieties. In leaf olive tissues showed increasing trend as the salinity of irrigation water increased. But the increasing trend is very minute as compared to the increase in Na+

Beyond Pain, Fear, Withdrawal-Findings, And Problems Involving Change - Treatment and Application for A Chronic Addiction on Alcohol Do Not End: (DDIPIJ) - Lupine Publishers

Beyond Pain, Fear, Withdrawal-Findings, And Problems Involving Change - Treatment and Application for A Chronic Addiction on Alcohol Do Not End by Loai Aljerf and Nuha AlMasri in Drug Designing & Intellectual Properties International Journal (DDIPIJ) in Lupine Publishers

Alcohol use disorders (AUD) involving hazardous, harmful and addictive misuse of alcohol are widespread in most parts of the world. The aim of this study was to review the effect of the common inhibitors in the treatment of patients with AUD, taking into consideration, the short- and long- terms abstinence. An extensive literature search conducted in MEDLINE, PubMed, Scopus and CINAHL databases identified 776 articles, which were then evaluated for pre‐specified criteria for relevance and quality assurance. A total of 38 articles, including 36 human studies and 2 animal studies, were selected for this review. Many inhibitors used in the treatment of alcoholism and some were considered of effective medication when their intakes are supervised by an expert. However, their therapeutic efficacies vary widely; for instance, disulfiram is a pro-drug that requires its transformation into an active form and because it shows a wide range of secondary effects, it often prevents the use of doses that ensure full therapeutic effectiveness. Sex hormones play an important role in establishing sex‐distinctive brain structural and functional variations that could contribute to the sex differences in alcohol consumption behavior. Existing evidence supports the association of increased testosterone level and increased risk for alcohol use and AUD in males. In contrast, the evidence supports the association of increased estrogen level and increased alcohol use in females. Much less is known about the impact of progestins on alcohol use and misuse in human subjects. Future observational and experimental studies conducted in both sexes with a comprehensive hormone panel are needed to elucidate the impact of the interplay between various sex hormone levels during various developmental stages on alcohol userelated phenotypes and AUD. On the other hand, alcohol withdrawal-especially delirium tremens (DT)-is a potentially life-threatening condition. While short-term treatment regimens and factors that predispose to more severe symptomatology have been extensively studied, little attention has been paid to the clinical epidemiology and long-term care of the chronic medical, addictive, psychiatric, and psychosocial problems faced by these patients. Chronic alcoholic patients are frequently suffering from specific micronutrient deficiencies, including vitamins involved in one carbon metabolism. The deficiencies commonly involve folate, vitamin B6, thiamine, and vitamin A. Inadequate dietary intake is a major cause of the vitamin deficiency. As a consequence of chronic alcohol intake, could lead to metabolic disruption and potentially to hyperhomocysteinemia. Alcoholism can affect the absorption, storage, metabolism, and activation of many of these vitamins.

Secret Sonic Weapons’ War Lead to Carcinogenesis: (DDIPIJ) - Lupine Publishers

Secret Sonic Weapons’ War Lead to Carcinogenesis by Robert Skopec in Drug Designing & Intellectual Properties International Journal (DDIPIJ) in Lupine Publishers

State Department evacuates a number of Americans from the US consulate in Guangzhou, China after they experienced unexplained health issues. A group of US diplomats stationed in China have been brought back to the states after being inflicted by a mystery illness that reportedly resembles the brain injuries previously suffered by staff in Cuba. Heather Nauert, a State Department spokeswoman, said in a statement that the individuals from the US office in Guangzhou were returned home for further evaluation. It was unclear if there was any connection to last year’s situation in Cuba where 24 US government employees experienced a range of ailments after hearing an unusual sound.

Depression in Pregnancy: Treat or Do Not Treat?: (DDIPIJ) - Lupine Publishers

Depression in Pregnancy: Treat or Do Not Treat? by Amani Mohsen in Drug Designing & Intellectual Properties International Journal (DDIPIJ) in Lupine Publishers 

Globally, mental health disorders are increasingly prevalent worldwide with depression particularly contributed to the largest percentage of global disability (7.5% of all years lived with disability in 2015). It is more common in females than males affecting 4 -7% of women in reproductive age group [1]. Women with mild depression are treated with cognitive based therapy and antidepressants are used depending on the severity of the symptoms [2]. Utilizing antidepressants preconception and during pregnancy was assessed in wide range of studies to evaluate the risk of associated congenital anomalies. Ornoy et al reviewed the association between tricyclic antidepressants (TCA) and congenital anomalies. Early studies showed slight increase in the associated risk however the following large studies showed no association [2].

Characterization of Doggy Style Sex-Alcohol Dependent Inter Subtype Among Men Who Have Sex with Women Lead in Heart Disease for Men From India: (DDIPIJ) - Lupine Publishers

Characterization of Doggy Style Sex-Alcohol Dependent Inter Subtype Among Men Who Have Sex with Women Lead in Heart Disease for Men From India by Rahul Hajare in Drug Designing & Intellectual Properties International Journal (DDIPIJ) in Lupine Publishers

We report here doggy style sex inter subtype alcohol dependent recombinants from India. One among those is recombinant penile fracture is reported for the first time from India.


Wrinkle shows life is loved your life and ageing with dignity. Indian men took a lot of hydroxyl drugs trying to keep her weigh down and look younger. These drugs reduce the hunger and heighten the metabolic rate and makes heart beat faster while having sex in consist doggy style. Men who have experienced intimate health disease are at greater risk for physical and mental health problems including posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and alcohol dependency. Most men get a severe stroke and the impact of all may compound these costs. Researchers have reported that men with these experiences are more difficult to treat; many do not access treatment and those who do, frequently do not stay because of difficulty maintaining helping relationships and hesitation. However, these men’s perspective has not been previously studied in close monitoring. The purpose of this study is to describe the experience of seeking help for hydroxyl drugs dependency by Indian men for sex and food for bedtime to avoid the present age. Men with hydroxyl drugs dependency with a history of depression want help however the health and social services do not always recognize their calls for help or their symptoms of distress. Drug dependency hydroxyl drugs thickens and stiffens artery walls, which can inhibit blood flow through arteries to organs and tissues that involved narrowed or blocked blood vessels that can lead to a heart attack and over sex.

Extra-Marital Affair Can Lead Trauma and Connections in Higher Risk for Heart Disease in Indian Women: (DDIPIJ) - Lupine Publishers

Extra-Marital Affair Can Lead Trauma and Connections in Higher Risk for Heart Disease in Indian Women by Rahul Hajare in Drug Designing & Intellectual Properties International Journal (DDIPIJ) in Lupine Publishers

An Extra-marital affair relationship can break heart. Extramarital affair women, according to a study, have a higher risk for heart disease. Turns out, for women, being extra-marital affair can be injurious to health. According to a study conducted by the New York University, extra-marital affair women have a higher risk for heart disease compared with non-extra-marital affair women across several modifiable risk factors [1-3]. “Our findings highlight the impact of sexual orientation, specifically sexual identity, on the cardiovascular health of women and suggest clinicians and public health practitioners should develop tailored screening and prevention to reduce heart disease risk in extra-marital affair women,” Little is known about the impact of sexual orientation on heart disease risk in women, despite the fact that widow and extramarital affair women may be at a higher risk based on modifiable factors like tobacco use and poor mental health. In this study, the researchers examined differences in modifiable risk factors for heart disease and heart disease diagnoses in women of different sexual orientations. Risk factors measured included mental distress; health behaviours such as tobacco use, binge drinking, diet, and exercise; and biological risk factors such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and cholesterol [4].

Probiotics Intervention in Woman Health: Unexpected Acquaintance: (IGWHC) - Lupine Publishers

Probiotics Intervention in Woman Health: Unexpected Acquaintance by Krishna Suresh Babu Naidu in Interventions in Gynaecology and Women’s Healthcare (IGWHC) in Lupine Publishers

There is growing interest in health promoting benefits of probiotics as bio therapeutic agents. Probioticsare used to treat recurrent urinary tract infections, diabetes, diarrhoea, vulvovaginal candidiasis and bacterial vaginosis in women. Probiotics exert their positive effects through various mechanisms, including lowering intestinal pH, decreasing colonization and invasion by pathogenic organisms, and modifying the host immune response. There is no agreement about the minimum number of microorganisms that must be consumed to obtain a beneficial effect; however, a probiotic should typically contain several billion microorganisms to increase the chance that adequate gut colonization will occur. This review presents mechanisms of action of probiotics and briefly examines the recent developments in use of probiotics in treating both infectious and non-infectious diseases in relation to women’s health. We conclude with suggestions for future work and possible applications probiotic research.

Modification of the SCA Technique: (IGWHC) - Lupine Publishers

Modification of the SCA Technique by Nadi Keskin in Interventions in Gynaecology and Women’s Healthcare (IGWHC) in Lupine Publishers 

As you would be appreciate, the rate of cesarean sections increased from 4.5% to 31.8% between the years of 1970 and 2007. Although the maternal morbidity and mortality have seriously declined within years due to the implementation of cesarean section, reduction of the complication rates has still considerableimportance, and the revision of the technique and modifications will make contributions to this issue, which involves numerous factors. Therefore, I wanted to describe the lower segment transverse cesarean incision technique, which I have been using with quite a low complication rate for more than ten years.

Changes in Skeletal System during Pregnancy: (IGWHC) - Lupine Publishers

Changes in Skeletal System during Pregnancy by Mohamed Nabih EL Gharib in Interventions in Gynaecology and Women’s Healthcare (IGWHC) in Lupine Publishers

Pain localized at the pelvic girdle during and after pregnancy has been keyed out and registered as an entity since the 4th century BC by Hippocrates. Contemporary medical research since the early 20th century has attempted to clarify the spectrum of the different pathologies that this clinical syndrome represents [1]. Up till now, the pregnancy causes changes in spinal curvature and posture remains open for further studies. One of the most frequent complications of pregnancy is low back pain, with 50±70% prevalence [2]. Its incidence is higher in the third trimester of pregnancy, when the most important biomechanical and morphological changes take place. From the second trimester, abdominal morphology is altered by the increased size of the uterus and the weightiness of the fetus, with a 30% gain in abdominal mass [3]. Despite the frequent occurrence of the problem, no explicit criteria for diagnosis and therapy guidelines are available in the literature. The increased size of the abdomen has been linked to a decreased static stability and adaptive changes in spinal curvatures, which would compensate the anterior displacement of the center of gravity, to ensure postural balance [4].

Successful Endoscopic Treatment of Refractory Postoperative Duodenocutaneous Fistula using Fibrin Sealant: (CTGH)- Lupine Publishers

Iatrogenic, postoperative enteroatmospheric fistulas remain difficult to manage but common problem after gastrointestinal surgery. Surgical revision, after failure of conservative treatment is not only partially efficient but also carries a high mortality risk, mainly due to patients’ general condition and usually multiples comorbidities. Because of that alternative minimally invasive techniques are extensively studied, but unfortunately the data are still confounding [1,2]. We present a case of 38 – y.o. man with past history of nephrolithiasis, accidentally diagnosed with 30 mm gastrointestinal stromal tumour of the duodenum (Figures 1a-1c).

Anorgasmia: (IGWHC) - Lupine Publishers

Anorgasmia by Flavia gomes dos santos in Interventions in Gynaecology and Women’s Healthcare (IGWHC) in Lupine Publishers

Female anorgasmia is the inability to have an orgasm, not to be confused with a lack of desire. They are different things, because in the woman does feel desire but fails to reach orgasm. Only 5% of cases of anorgasmia are of organic origin: diabetes, multiple sclerosis, neurological and gynecological problems. The origin is psychological for 95% of women with this disorder. It’s something that happens in the head, and which is related to what you have to learn or unlearn, with the concept of pleasure that is being managed, and with ones self-esteem.

Fake Popeye Muscles. Soft Tissue Granulomas Secondary to Intramuscular Synthetic Oil Injections in Bodybuilding. Case Series and a Literature Review: (OSMOAJ) - Lupine Publishers

The administration of Site Enhancing Oils (SEO) is a wellknown illegal practice in sports that require significant muscle bulk such as bodybuilding [1,2]. This practice has been associated with significant health effects. The side effects from such practices appear decades after the initial injections and the most destructive form is chronic granulomas. This paper reports five cases of pathological massive muscle granulomas that required extensive surgical excision among amateur bodybuilders in the Sultanate of Oman. The article reviews the history of SEO in bodybuilding, pathophysiology, clinical and radiological assessment and finally management. This case series exemplifies the significant health consequences from recreational sport practices.