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Could Microzymas be the Elusive Dark Matter? Could Microzymas be the Force Behind Dark Energy?: (PRJFGS) - Lupinepublishers

Could Microzymas be the Elusive Dark Matter? Could Microzymas be the Force Behind Dark Energy? by Seun Ayoade in Peer Reviewed Journal of Forensic & Genetic Sciences (PRJFGS) in Lupinepublishers

“Microzyma are never formed or born and never decay or die. They only associate and dissociate, coordinate and de-coordinate, come together and pull asunder. They are immortal as far as we know” -SEUN AYOADE “Enlightenment leads to benightedness, science entails nescience”-attributed to PHILLIPE BOURDEAU.

Infertility Caused by Jinn: (OAJRSD) - Lupinepublishers

The World of Jinn is both sinister and intriguing. Their supernatural power (invisible in their natural state, shape-shifter, flying around the World in a second, illusion creation, possibility to possess the humans and create all kind of problems and even kill) can explain the mysteries, the diseases with unknown causes, unexplained Infertility. Knowing the traps of Shaytan (Satan or Devil or Evil Jinn) will help to diagnose properly and to remove the Evil of Shaytan. The Treatment of the Infertility (and of the diseases) caused by Black Magic or Jinn Possession or Evil Eye is only Ruqya, the specific verses of the Noble Quran, combined with the Negative Ions treatment for the quicker and better results.

The Evaluation of Limit of Superior Repositioning of Maxilla in Le Fort I Osteotomy: A 3D Study Part I: (MADOHC) - Lupine Publishers


In Le Fort I osteotomies that require superior repositioning of the maxilla, surgeons are confronted with different anatomical problem. The surgeon should consider the condition of the infraorbital foramen and apex of maxillary teeth to determine the best bone resection route. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the limit of superior repositioning of the maxilla in Le Fort I osteotomy by measuring the distance between the apex of the maxillary teeth with the plane between the bilateral infraorbital nerve and the porion. Our study was performed on 74 segments of 37 patients between the ages of 18 and 25 years (19.21 ± 1.87; mean ± SD). Of these, 50 were male (67.6%) and 24 were female (32.4%). The mean distance of the between infraorbital foramen plane and the teeth was 16.95 ± 3.87mm for canines, 20.64 ± 3.69 mm for first premolars, 20.53 ± 4.05 mm for second premolars, 20.26 ± 3.56 for first molars, and 19.79 ± 3.62mm for second molars when genders were evaluated there was no statistically significant difference between canine teeth distance (p > 0.005), but there was a statistically significant difference between premolars and molars (p < 0.005). When the length of the plane distance were evaluated by the right or left region, there was no difference between the canine, premolar or molar teeth (p>0.005). According to our results, the vertical height of the infraorbital foramen is a convenient landmark in superior repositioning of the maxilla with Le Fort I osteotomy.

A Phase II Study to Evaluate Connections in Higher Risk for Heart Disease and Narcissists Appearance in Private Pharmacy Institutions Pune University India Behaviours among Men who Have Work with Men (Mm): Is there Evidence of an Effect? (SJO) - Lupinepublishers

Respect can earn. Wrinkle shows life is loved your life and ageing with dignity. Self-admiration increasing day by day. According to a study conducted by the Private Pharmacy Institutions in Pune University, men women have a higher risk for Narcissists appearance compared with other reputed institutions in city across several modifiable risk factors. “Researcher highlights the impact of Narcissists orientation, specifically power politics identity, on the behavioural health of men women and suggests researcher and public health practitioners should develop tailored screening and prevention to reduce Narcissists appearance risk in hetero sexual men women in private pharmacy institutions in Pune University.

The Impact of Adenotonsillectomy on HealthRelated Quality of Life in Pediatric Patients (SJO) - Lupinepublishers

Shuaib Kayode Aremu in SJO - Lupinepublishers

Objective: To determine the impact of Adenotonsillectomy on Health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in children’s before and after surgery.
Study Design: Prospective, Observational, before and after trial. 142 children who underwent Adenotonsillectomy were included in the study. Parents were made to fill pre and post-operative questionnaires which were customized from Tonsil and Adenoid health status instrument (TAHSI) and HR-QoL (Health-related quality of life) forms, one day prior to the surgery and 6 months after the surgery respectively, and the results were tabulated and analysed.
Setting: Tertiary paediatric otolaryngology practices.
Result: Out of the 142 children in the study 80 were male and 62 were female. Male to Female ratio being 1.3:1. Age group 1-4 years had highest number of patients while age group 9-12 had the least. Preoperatively the Mean score of domains for Sleep disturbances, Physical Symptoms, Emotional distress, Daytime functions, and Caregiver concern was 14.1, 15.83, 6.89, 7.54, and 13.78 respectively. After 6 months of the surgery, the score decreased to 4.65, 4.22, 4.32, 3.1 and 4.2 respectively. This shows a significant improvement in the symptom complex and the quality of the life.
Conclusion: Adenotonsillectomy leads to an improvement in the HRQoL in children as majority of parents were extremely satisfied with the surgical outcome. Almost all the parents reported decrease in Sleep disturbances, Physical Symptoms, Emotional distress, Daytime functions, and Caregiver concern.

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Treatment Imprudences for an Adolescent Patient Leading to Esthetic Liability & Periapical Lesion: A Case Report: (MADOHC) - Lupine Publishers

Oro-dental injury is an emergency-prompt assessment and appropriate treatment is needed to ensure the best outcome. This case report presents the treatment imprudence's for an adolescent who had suffered from a complicated crown fracture of the maxillary right central incisor that occurred due to a fall, leading to esthetic liability and periapical lesion. Two consecutive treatment stages were defined.
i. Pain management of a non-vital immature tooth through root canal treatment and apexification.
ii. Appropriate full coronal restoration to improve esthetics. This case shows the significance of evaluating pulp vitality and tooth development along with prosthodontic considerations during trauma management for an adolescent to avoid treatment imprudence's. Following appropriate treatment approaches has successfully restored function, esthetics and resolved the periapical pathosis.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Exploring the Regulation of Task Sharing for Access to Family Planning Services in Uganda (LOJNHC) - Lupinepublishers

There is an acute shortage of Human Resources for Health in Uganda. While task sharing in the delivery of reproductive services is one of the strategies to avert this crisis, it takes place in an unregulated environment. The consequent lack of legal protection for health care providers poses a potential barrier to task sharing for both providers and the government. We show in this legal and policy review that the approach is not new in the country and that it has provisions in some policy documents. We further show the legal implications if it is rolled out in an unregulated environment and propose six options to guide regulation. These include enforcing the Health Service Commission Act, utilizing the mandate of the Director General to authorize treatment, amending the regulations of health professional regulatory bodies, developing regulation to support implementation of the acts for health professionals, developing a full act of parliament, and enacting ordinances at the district level.

The Compromised, Pre-Diseased or Post-Diseased Terrain, Malaria and Germ Terrain Dualism: (PRJFGS) - Lupinepublishers

The Germ-Terrain duality theory of disease states that the aetiology of certain diseases/diseased states is better explained as a complex interplay between germs and the inherent anatomical/ physiological integrity of the body cells. It argues that the aetiology of certain diseases is not fully explained merely by the presence of germs (Germ Theory) or by a mere loss of cellular integrity (Terrain Theory). As a result, the prevention and treatment of such diseases should focus not just on fighting germs but on maintaining/ restoring the anatomical/physiological cellular integrity. The Germ-Terrain duality theory is a harmonization of the current Germ Theory (popularized by Louis Pasteur) and the hitherto discarded Terrain Theory (popularized by Pierre Bechamp).

Luteal Phase Support using Oral Dydrogesterone-a Prospective Treatment for Future Replacing Micronized Vaginal Progesterone: (OAJRSD) - Lupinepublishers

Although micronized vaginal progesterone is the accepted norm for use in luteal phase support (LPS) in controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) that is used for in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles, recently importance of oral Dydrogesterone has got the importance in lieu of its oral availability, cheap, no cumbersome side effects and no definitive newer fetal side effects. After the LOTUS 1 trial with a multicenter double placebo, double dummy design it has proved an equal efficacy if not superiority of oral D, over micronized vaginal progesterone and it seems D might soon become the standard of care for LPS in conventional IVF cycles besides its routine indication for recurrent abortions.

Open Access Automation in Vision Testing: Glaucoma Detection Software (TOOAJ)- Lupine Publishers

Vision testing is the phenomenon of detecting the vision problems which are generally undertaken to improve prognosis and disabilities. Apart from visual acuity measurement and refractive error problems, other eye related retinal disorders include diabetic retinopathy, age related muscular degeneration and glaucoma. Retinal imaging plays an important role in the detection of these disorders. Early detection of these disorders can prevent the permanent vision loss in patients. The aim of this research work is to implement a software algorithmic program in the field of ophthalmology for the detection of glaucoma. In the present work, Glaucoma detection is done by cup to disc ratio measurement to locate the damaged optic nerve head. DRIVE database is used to acquire retinal images. Further codes are implemented using MATLAB software to get the results. This software system can be utilized everywhere, especially in school health programs in Himachal Pradesh in urban as well as rural areas where it is difficult to carry high maintenance ophthalmic machines.

South China Sea Wave Characteristics under Combined Wind Forcing of Typhoon and Winter Monsoon (MAOPS)- Lupine Publishers

Since monsoon winds prevail in South China Sea (SCS), SCS is unique for investigating wave characteristics during a typhoon’s passage in conjunction with steady monsoon wind forcing. This study investigated SCS wave characteristics using Wave Watch III, the third-generation wave model with winter typhoon forcing. The model was forced by a high resolution wind field from NASA’s Cross Calibrated Multi Platform (CCMP) ocean surface winds combined with the tropical cyclone wind model. The Wave Watch III model was evaluated using Jason-2 altimetry observations during the period of Typhoon Durian (2006).

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P Value and Statistical Significance: (CTBB)- Lupine publishers

The  practice  of  reporting  P-values  is  commonplace  in  applied  research.  Presenting  the  result  of  a  test  only  as  the  rejection or acceptance of the null hypothesis at a certain level of significance, does not make full use of the information available from the observed value of the test statistic. Rather P-values have been used in the place of hypothesis tests as a means of giving more information about the relationship between the data and the hypothesis. In this brief note we discuss how to obtain P-values with R codes.

Model Selection in Regression: Application to Tumours in Childhood: (CTBB)- Lupine publishers

We give a chronological review of the major model selection methods that have been proposed from circa 1960. These model selection procedures include Residual mean square error (MSE), coefficient of multiple determination (R2), adjusted coefficient of multiple determination (Adj R2), Stepwise methods, Mallow’s Cp, Akaike information criterion (AIC),Schwarz criterion (BIC). Some of these methods are applied to a problem of developing a model for predicting tumors in childhood using log-linear models. The theoretical review will discuss the problem of model selection in a general setting. The application will be applied to log-linear models in particular.

Orthogonal Arrays and Row-Column and Block Designs for CDC Systems: (CTBB)- Lupine publishers

In this article, block and row-column designs for genetic crosses such as Complete diallel cross system using orthogonal arrays (p2,r,p,2), where p is prime or a power of prime and semi balanced arrays (p(p-1)/2,p,p,2), where p is a prime or power of an odd prime, are derived. The block designs and row-column designs for Griffing’s methods A and B are found to be A-optimal and the block designs for Griffing’s methods C and D are found to be universally optimal in the sense of Kiefer. The derived block and row-column  designs  for  method  A  and  C  are  new  and  consume  minimum  experimental  units.  According  to  Gupta  block  designs  for Griffing’s methods A,B,C and D are orthogonally blocked designs. AMS classification: 62K05.

An Efficient Protocol for the One Pot Synthesis of Pyranopyrazoles in Aqueous Medium using Triethanolamine as a Catalyst: (AOICS) - Lupine Publishers

An Efficient Protocol for the One Pot Synthesis of Pyranopyrazoles in Aqueous Medium using Triethanolamine as a Catalyst by Rajendra P Pawar in Archives of organic and inorganic chemical sciences in Lupine Publishers

Triethanolamine is an efficient and green catalyst for the synthesis of 6-amino-1, 4-dihydro-4-substituted-3-methylpyrano-[2, 3-c] pyrazole-5-carbonitrile in aqueous medium reflux conditions. The procedure is easier, eco friendly, simple with easy workup affording good yield of the corresponding products.

Retrograde Recanalization of Chronic Coronary Occlusions: (ACR) - Lupine Publishers

Chronic coronary occlusion (CTO) is fixed at 1 in 5 patients who underwent cardiac catheterization. Recanalization of chronic coronary occlusions is one of the most difficult for the technical performance of interventional procedures. Successful recanalization CTO associated with better survival compared to patients where the procedure of recanalization of occlusion was not successful. Thus, potential candidates for retrograde recanalization of chronic occlusions of coronary arteries may be: patients after a failed attempt of recanalization with clear indications and motivated to implement PCI; refractory angina with CTO of native coronary arteries after CABG; single-vessel coronary artery disease - RCA or the LAD with preserved left ventricular function and preserved kidney; patients with multivessel disease and related comorbidity, which does not allow to perform coronary artery bypass surgery. From 2007 to the present time we have carried out 125 of retrograde recanalization of chronic occlusions of coronary arteries with a total efficiency of 66.4%. Our data suggest that CTO intervention most often used in LAD - 50% of the RCA - 41.7%, and LCx - in 8.3% of cases. It was succesfull method in CTO cases of RCA - in 86.6% of cases, LAD - in 66% of patients and occlusion and in case of Cx CTO recanalization was succesfull in only 2 patients. Septal collaterals with retrograde approach used in most cases- 101 patients, epicardial collaterals - in 19 cases, and in 4 cases of retrograde access served venous bypass and one mammary coronary bypass – to the LAD.


Dynamics of Blood Pressure During the Development of Neuroleptic Cardiomyopathy: (ACR) - Lupine Publishers

The study of various clinic aspects of Neuroleptic Cardiomyopathy (NCMP) associated with the side cardiotoxic effect of Antipsychotics (AP) is actual. With the purpose to track dynamics of the Blood Pressure (BP) in the process of development of NCMP data about 78 died patients with schizophrenia (men - 53, women - 25) in whom NCMP is found on autopsy were retrospectively analyzed. At the age of 50 years were 43 persons, 44 died in the first stage of the disease, 12 - in the second one, 22 - in the third one. The conducted research allows to draw the following conclusions.

Stimulus Propagation and Left Ventricular Torsion: (ACR) - Lupine Publishers

Introduction and objectives: The ventricular myocardium consists of a continuous muscular band. This anatomy would provide the interpretation for two fundamental aspects of left ventricular dynamics: the mechanism of left ventricular twist and rapid diastolic filling due to the suction effect. The aim of this study was to investigate the electrical activation of the endocardial and epicardial bands to understand ventricular twist and the mechanism of active suction during the diastolic isovolumic phase.
Methods: Five patients underwent three-dimensional endoepicardial electro anatomic mapping during ablation of lone atrial fibrilation or concealed epicardial accessory pathways.
Results: Three-dimensional endo-epicardial mapping demonstrates an electrical activation sequence in the area of the apex loop in agreement with the synchronic contraction of the descending and ascending band segments. The simultaneous and opposing radial activation of the ascending band segment, starting in the descending band segment, in the area in which both band segments intertwine, is consistent with the mechanism of ventricular twist. The late activation of the ascending band segment is consistent with its persistent contraction during the initial period of the isovolumic diastolic phase (the basis of the suction mechanism).
Conclusion: This study could explain the process of ventricular twist during systole and the active diastolic suction.

A Review on The Phytochemical and Pharmacological Properties Barringtonia Asiatica: (DDIPIJ) - Lupine Publishers

A Review on The Phytochemical and Pharmacological Properties Barringtonia Asiatica by Isaac John Umaru in Drug Designing & Intellectual Properties International Journal in Lupine Publishers
A review of Barringtonia asiatica considered to be a mangrove associated species is made to update its Phytochemical and Pharmacological Properties which is claimed to be a broad-spectrum medicinal property. Barringtonia asiatica was commonly used in various country of the world for treatment of liver disorder, diarrheal disease, eye disease, as well as antifungal and antibacterial, as well as chest pains and heart troubles. It was also considered a fish killer; this has been identified as a source of Natural products with potentials as an antitumor. The aim of the present review is to provide detailed information regarding geographical distribution, phytochemicals and pharmacological properties of this plant.


Advocating the Need for a CT Coronary Angiography Screening Program for Prevention of Coronary Artery Disease in High – Risk Population & guiding future pharmaceutical research: (ACR) - Lupine Publishers

Cardio-vascular disease (CVD) is one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality in Europe and world. It accounts for majority of spend on healthcare in European Union countries and is the second on the list. Non-calcific plaques form the majority of plaques and non-calcific & mixed plaques are responsible for majority cases of severe stenosis. Since non-calcific and mixed plaques are resolvable by intensive statin therapy and are responsible for majority of severe acute coronary related events (vulnerable plaques), coronary artery disease is preventable if proper screening is done which should lead to significant decrease in economic burden of cardio-vascular & cerebro-vascular diseases. These findings warrant a discussion on systemic screening program for the same through CT coronary angiography.