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It is established that the climate depends on greenhouse gases. Few people think that water evaporation is also gas. Their volumes exceed carbon dioxide emissions by 18,000 times [1]. There is a strong opinion that the evaporation of the oceans exceeds the evaporation from land because 3 times the area of the oceans exceeds the area of inhabited land. However, recently it was reported that the total area of leaves of vegetation increases the land area by 3 times. It follows that both the land and the oceans evaporate from the same area. Evaporated before the development of the industry.

Water evaporation into the atmosphere can be divided into two types. There is evaporation from the surface of water bodies, from hard surfaces, ice, snow. With the development of civilization, new nature of evaporation appeared - from boiling water, cooling equipment, plowed fields, new artificial reservoirs, landfills. All pairs raised from these surfaces make a direct or shortened path in the chain of circulation between atmosphere and soil. The second significant, for the time being, part of the vapor is organic discharges from animals and plants. This is a complete cycle of the circuit created by nature since the birth of life on the planet. The main function of water is to dissolve underground and riverbeds and the transfer of trace elements in food chains to the roots of plants and living consumers. Entering the bodies of organisms and the roots of plants with one structure, water is repeatedly transformed into blood, tissues, many other body organs, plant juices, and enters the atmosphere as an exhalation, drying excretions, transpiration in a completely different quality. The sum of all these, purely individual vapors, forms a substance in clouds with certain properties that have been polished for millions of years in each area, which along the beaten path with a given periodicity precipitates in the given places of the planet, supporting various areas from deserts to tropics. Perhaps, the information component plays some role here. It is known that clusters of molecules carry information about their source - maybe DNA. For example, it is known that the smell is formed by molecules inherent in everyone. And these molecules go into the atmosphere, filling up the clouds.

The parameters of clouds are their saturation, physical and chemical composition, the size of clusters of molecules and droplets, specific gravity, location, volume, time spent in the atmosphere, temperature, pressure, electrical charges - all this together creates elements of the mechanism of weather and climate formation. For millions of years, the interaction of these parameters has formed a rigorous algorithm that determines where, how much and when it is necessary to give moisture to each place on the planet. With the development of civilization, we took away more than 70% of land from nature by cutting down forests, plowing the soil, flooding them with hydroelectric power plants, using unnatural water - turning it into a working reagent. We move it with pumps, with it we wash everything around us and ourselves. We boil, heat, compress, cool, fill the fields, destroy its molecules in the air with engines, furnaces and compressors.

Evaporation from all these processes must have lost the properties inherent in pairs from living organisms and plants. The physical, chemical elements and all other cloud parameters have changed. The mechanism of atmospheric transformations has changed, which produces new clouds in a new way, concentrates and distributes all the moisture in a different way, changes the places of precipitation.

The volume of artificial evaporation with the development of industry and human comfort equaled the volume of organic vapor. Mankind has destroyed the effect of organic vapor on most of the land. From these places, the waters that have not passed the path indicated by nature began to evaporate - to deliver nutrients to living organisms and plants. In total, we take 22 cubic kilometers of water from open and underground sources. All these waters lose their natural functions and evaporate without changing the structure [1]. The new quality of vapor has changed the structure of steam and has had an effect on its specific weight. The increased weight of gaseous water and its drops changed the height of the clouds. The quality of evaporation creates a new quality of atmospheric mechanisms. Heavy clouds cannot rise above, where the conditions of the precipitation, which was built in the pre-industrial era. Therefore, the clouds have changed their dynamics in terms of speed of movement and increased the concentration in volumes. Changed the time the water in the clouds. All this in the complex changed the places of precipitation, their volumes and schedule. From here, we observe floods in some areas, droughts in others, the extinction of insect species and animals. The decrease in transit in range and height of the movement of clouds led to a decrease in precipitation on the glaciers of the polar poles and mountain peaks. The precipitations on the way to these places do not accumulate in the glaciers but replenish the oceans with additional volumes. Therefore, the level of the oceans increases, and the ice layer of the glaciers decreases.

This hypothesis requires scientific evidence, which should lead to a new strategy, basically All of which should be the cessation of deforestation, the creation of man-made water reservoirs, deep plowing of fields, the elimination of landfills, the reduction of construction facilities and roads and the total water savings on all types of human activity. Nature urgently needs to return its natural mechanisms of atmospheric phenomena, processes of circulation. Opportunities are there, if you use the experiences of developed countries. It is known that in the Scandinavian countries there are no landfills, in Israel they grow plant products with minimal water consumption. Famous houses with vertical and roof gardening, in which water evaporates plants, and not from artificial surfaces. Known methods that allow to generate electricity without reservoirs. One of the significant water consumptions is the water consumption in toilets. At the same time, we are aware of ways to save water in the toilets of airplanes and trains. Simply transfer such savings to the devices of each toilet, and centralized sewage will disappear, with the need to maintain vast areas of lagoons. Such and many other measures of total water saving should be applied in all spheres of life of all cities of all countries. Considering each type of water consumption, it is possible to detect known and applied methods with minimal and even zero water consumption, for example, drip irrigation, dry cleaning of cars and asphalt. Only the return of its nature, millions of years of accumulated technology of the water cycle, can reduce natural disasters and stop climate change. To prove the hypothesis, it is necessary to study its basic elements. I call for the cooperation of all who can master and understand this hypothesis. A new team of new specialists is needed, which will bring the scientific base and turn the consciousness of the sleeping population in a new direction.

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