Tuesday 19 February 2019

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Diagnosis and Management of Bilateral Uterine Arteries Aneurysm during Puerperium by Salma Mohammed Hassan Eltayeb in IGWHC in Lupine Publishers

Background: Uterine artery pseudo aneurysm is a rare but it can be one of complication of cesarean section. If treated inadequately, it may cause profuse life-threatening postpartum hemorrhage. We report a rare case of bilateral uterine arteries pseudoaneurysm that lead to life threatening secondary postpartum hemorrhage.
Case: 25 years old, PI, she underwent category 1 caesarean delivery, 55 days later she experienced recurrent massive attack of secondary postpartum hemorrhage. The diagnosis of bilateral uterine arteries aneurysm was made by CT angiograph. It was successfully treated by selective embolization of the bilateral uterine arteries.
Conclusion: Rupture of aneurysm of the uterine artery can be a life-threatening condition. Clinical suspicious is the key point for prompt diagnosis. Diagnosis can achieve by angiography and embolization therapy can effectively stop the bleeding.


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