Thursday 28 February 2019

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Fatigue Crack Initiation in AA3004 At Elevated Temperature Using Rotating and Bending Fatigue Testing Machine by Rahman RA in Modern Approaches on Material Science  in Lupine Publishers

The numerous failures in engineering applications occur due to fatigue, therefore, design against fatigue failure is crucial and particularly fatigue failure of engineering applications having notches or holes because almost all applications have such type of discontinuities. Once the crack initiates it is very difficult to stop it, therefore, crack initiation in different materials is vital to be designed. This work is also related to the design of crack initiation in AA 3004 aluminum alloy at elevated temperature by means rotating and bending fatigue testing machine. A favorable working temperature environment has been set by means of the 1000W electric rod. The experimental results have been plotted in the form of SN curve and a comparison has been made between crack initiation at several mechanical loadings with and without thermal loading. The mathematical model for experimental data is also reported.

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