Friday 22 February 2019

Journal of Dentistry- Lupine Publishers

Clinical Evaluation Methods of Oral Cavity Hygiene of Patients with Drug-Compensated Diabetes Mellitus Using Removable Partial Acrylic Prosthesis by Shevkunova Natalia Alekseevna in Modern Approaches in Dentistry and Oral Health Care in Lupine Publishers

The influence of hygiene products on the state of the oral cavity and dentures in 63 patients with type 2 diabetes using partial removable acrylic prostheses was studied. The results of the study showed that individual oral hygiene with the use of rinses and the care for removable dentures with the use of cleansing tablets contributed to the increase of the index of effectiveness of oral hygiene RNR (Podshadley, Haley, 1968) and removable dentures (Ambjornsen E.e.a.). The conducted measures reduced inflammatory phenomena in the tissues of the prosthetic bed in diabetic patients, which provided stable clinical results in long-term follow-up [1-8].

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