Wednesday 5 April 2023

Lupine Publishers | The Climate does not Change from Carbon

 Lupine Publishers | Journal of Food and Nutrition


The climate is changing from the artificial fumes that mankind has created. Artificial fumes differ from natural fumes in quality, volume and speed. Water is intended only for consumption-for drinking. But we, not understanding her essence, made her a slave. Turned into a working reagent, a means of increasing comfort. They began to use it as a liquid to wash everything and everything, move it with pumps, heat and boil, cool, dissolve all chemical elements in it, fill in the fields, destroy its molecules in the air with engines, furnaces and compressors. Almost everything used goes into the atmosphere, bypassing the biota, with unnatural fumes directly and from the sewer sumps. Artificial fumes destroyed the everlasting process of sedimentation, which has been developing for millions of years. A different structure of water molecules of new volumes, evaporation rates form a different mechanism. New quantities create new qualities. The processes of concentration, movement, interaction with the atmosphere have changed - pressure, temperature, moisture transfer in new time parameters have changed. Uncontrollable in volume and time, precipitation is formed in other volumes, in a different quality, and falls in other places. Therefore, floods occur in some places, droughts - in others. Therefore, the level of the oceans rises - heavy clouds do not reach the mountain and polar glaciers. The hypothesis requires proof. The proof of the hypothesis leads to discovery. The discovery should lead to a new concept. The basis of the concept is the return of its natural functions to water. These functions are embedded in wild forests and untouched areas. But with our desire for comfort, we took over 70% of the land from nature -flooded with reservoirs, plowed, covered with garbage and ore landfills, structures, and roads (Figure 1).
Throughout this area there was vegetation and living creatures, which processed water into vapors and vapors having special qualities. You can still save life on the planet. Not by appeals and wishes, but by fundamentally restructuring our attitude towards water, reducing our water needs, making this a strategy of every state, every person. Nature urgently needs to return its natural process of water circulation. All the cares, work, movement on green technologies, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, alternative energy, preserving biodiversity, protecting, and restoring nature-all this is combined under a single action. There are such opportunities if we use the experience of developed countries and use many inventions in this direction. It is known that in the Scandinavian countries and Japan there are no more landfills; in Israel, plant products are grown with minimal water consumption. Famous houses with vertical and roof landscaping. Known inventions that allow you to generate electricity without reservoirs in rivers. There are ways to economically consume water on airplanes and trains. All such measures should be developed and applied when using water in all technologies in all cities and countries. Only returning it to nature, the accumulated water cycle for millions of years, can reduce natural disasters and stop climate change. Performing such tasks is necessary for the whole world, each enterprise, each country, each person.

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