Friday 18 January 2019

Si-Psa Tape with the Addition of Dolomite (AOICS) - Lupine Publishers

Si-Psa Tape with the Addition of Dolomite (AOICS) - Lupine Publishers

It is well known that tapes on the silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives base are high quality products used for special applications. Due to the excellent performance characteristics such as high adhesion, cohesion and tack, while high chemical and environmental conditions resistance, the choice of the layer protecting the adhesive film is a big problem. Due to this, expensive fluoridated films are used as protective layers. In order to reduce costs, a suitable bending of the protective layer was introduced (limitations of the contact surface of the adhesive film with a protective layer) which reduces the protection of the adhesive film. The introduction of dolomite particles into the adhesive film is intended to facilitate the removal of the protective layer, while maintaining the level of protection at the level of expensive films.

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