Wednesday 16 January 2019

Nano Toxicity: Due to Drug Delivery and Environmental Exposure:(ANOAJ)-Lupine Publishers

Nano Toxicity: Due to Drug Delivery and Environmental Exposure by Suriyaprabha R in ANOAJ in Lupine Publishers.

Nanotechnology is undergoing a vast expansion in materials science, Research and Development. Nano scientists are focusing on synthesis and development of nanoparticles, nanomaterials, and bio nano composite materials. The drug delivery is also a recent development where in bio nano materials are being used for diagnosis of the various diseases. The synthesis of nanomaterials at large scale causes health risk due to the exposure via inhalation, skin contacts and ingestion; based on the characterisation of bio nano materials. The use of bio nanomaterials in drug delivery as well as the environment exposure during the large-scale synthesis of nanomaterials, the bio nanomaterials into human body.The exact mechanisms, chemical reactivity and enzymatic reaction is not well understood, documented, and studied. Therefore, the intake bio nanomaterials via drug delivery or environment exposure amounts to health risk and need to be studied in detail.

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