Thursday 30 May 2019

Lupine Publishers-Journal of Forensic Sciences

The Aging Process and Time by Patrice F Dassonville in PRJFGS in Lupine Publishers.

First of all, let's see why aging is a consequence rather than a cause., through three examples:
    a) The gradual staining of teeth does not result from aging; instead of that, it's a prodrome of aging.
    b) Wrinkles are not the result of aging; they appear when cells have exhausted their ability of scissiparity. We can say that wrinkles are one of causes of aging among others (inter alia)
    « Wrinkles (observed reality) « ⇒ aging (concept) »
    c) Osteoarthritis is not the result of aging; it results rather from antecedent factors. In fact, aging is a consequence of osteoarthritis:
    « Osteoarthritis (observed reality » ⇒ « aging (concept) »
    Wrinkles and osteoarthritis are syndromes of aging
    Medicine draws a distinction between chronological age, which is expressed with time units, and biological age, which depends on the physical health of an individual, and which is expressed in units of estimated time. For non living things, such as artifacts, we have introduced the expression "technical age".

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