Friday 5 August 2022

Lupine Publishers | The Fingerprints of President Ronald Wilson Reagan and the Phenomenon of Coincidence of the Numerical Elements

 Lupine Publishers | Journal of Forensic & Genetic Sciences


It is interesting to note that the majority of ulnar loops on the digits of former president, Ronald Reagan (deceased) displayed the same ridge count or a numerical reverse of the ridge count. The president’s right index, right middle and left middle revealed a ridge count of 13. It is also noted that the middle fingers, which are opposite to each other maintained a ridge count equivalence. The right ring and little, as two neighboring digits share the same ridge count of 15. Both thumbs, the primary digit of the hand, had a numerical ridge count in horizontal reverse; 21 on the right and 12 on the left. In another mirrored phenomenon, the left ring and little finger share a coincidence like the right ring and little finger; with the left ring, a ridge count of 6 followed by the left little with a ridge count of 9; as each digit exhibited a reverse in the vertical display of the ridge count. The left index, a digit noted for departure in frequency stands apart from this aspect of interest (Figure 1).

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