Monday 8 April 2019

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Smart City by Smart Lighting: Utilizing Smart Lighting in Urban Texture Based on Effective Using of Power to Save in Macro Economy and Create Diversity in Cities by Amir Reza Goudarzi in Trends in Civil Engineering and its Architecture in Lupine Publishers

Lighting is the requirement of the present world realized by artificial lighting especially at nights. However, the price paid is not as much rational threatening the national economy. Today, permanent facing with economic problems requires utilizing any potential for economic growth. Smart lighting prevents energy and capital losses; it is applied whenever it needed; and smart streetlights provide lighting whenever any human or vehicle passes. Thus, not only the two factors of lighting and saving national capitals will always last at negligible error, but also, diversity and aesthetic elements granted to cities enjoying the social and economic convenience. It assumed that using smart lighting is one condition of providing these conveniences. However, the question raised here is the infrastructures and utilizing equipment, particularly in traditional cities, to be responded. In conclusion, utilizing such system can lead to cost return and saving in order to achieve national objectives and to unconsciously teach aesthetic, change, and saving culture.

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