Wednesday 10 April 2019

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Judo is a combat sport often related to injuries since it is associated with a significant direct contact [1,2]. Although injuries occur, judo is considered one of the most safest sports activity due to low injury rates [3], being in fact considered by UNESCO as the best sport for children and young people between 4-21 years old. Nowadays, because of the early competitive practice, specialization and intensive training load among young athletes, we are seeing different injury patterns and severity in these ages [2,4,5]. The potential vulnerability of these athletes due to the physical and physiological processes of growth exposed to high levels of activity, is a reason of concern [4,6] which must stimulate the development of this specific knowledge, in particular the analysis of risk factors in order to provide preventive injury programs and educative measures. With this study, we intend to reinforce the epidemiologic knowledge specific to judo in these particular ages, and, by knowing the risk factors and more common injury features and patterns, use them to developing the strategies to control and prevent injuries. To know more click on below link.

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