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Lupine Publishers | Natural Measures of Normalization 0f Vital Systems of the Person for maintaining of the Healthy Longevity

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The World Health Organization reads that the organism status only for 5% depends on services of health care, for 10% of the environment, for 10% of heredity, for 5% of a supply and for 70% of a way of life. The healthy status of people reaches and supports by a healthy lifestyle. The healthy status is reached by setup of vital systems and integral normal functioning of an organism. The scientist and doctor Avicenna was convinced: The person, moderately both timely engaged in physical exercises and realizing natural measures of normalization of vital systems, does not need treatment. The person reaches and supports a healthy status in the environmentally friendly natural and spiritual social environment by the healthy lifestyle including preventive health the supporting spiritual and solid cleanings up and also physical exercises of normalization, first, physiological rhythms gymnastics, secondly, of a power system charging, thirdly, of a tone of muscles of an organism physical culture. For this purpose it is necessary to create health the preserving health care system on the basis of a healthy lifestyle. Natural measures of normalization of vital systems of the person are briefly covered in article.

Keywords: Healthy status; Vital systems; Physiological normalization; Healthy lifestyle; Health care; Self-restoration


Control of Biotic Systems

In modern conditions illness is the reason of 75% of absence from work. The aspiration to conservation of health, to be exact to concealment of pathology, was already shown in today's market relations. It is caused by the fact that the population doesn't want not to come to work since it can get laid off and be the unemployed, once again. Therefore, patients have more chances to become the unemployed, than at healthy. Important it because frequent illness of working won’t allow framing material benefits, i.e. profiting to the enterprise; in case of illness or a trauma the employer is obliged to pay to the patient temporary disability benefit. Therefore it is much more favorable to employer to employ healthy faces, than patients with the low level of health. In this regard at the population in the conditions of market economy arises motivations to conservation of health. The population understands that health is an invaluable social quality which needs to be kept and increased greatly [1-4].The person understands that exciting to be more expedient, than the patient.

The modern medical medicine leans, generally, on the pharmaceutical industry. Chemical drugs are carcinogens which impact on an organism increases probability of emergence of foreign matters in an organism, at worst cancer educations. After treatment the patient keeps addictions and former habitual not a healthy lifestyle and hopes only for drugs for improvement of health which cease to help it over time. Prophylaxis of medical medicine is directed to fight against widespread diseases of impact of medicinal preparations on the particular systems of an organism. The medical medicine prolongs life to patients, but doesn't make them healthy. The healthy condition of an organism is supported by all biotic systems: mental, power, physiological, anatomic and spiritual. Their daily control is for this purpose necessary [5-10].

Control of vital systems consists in normalization of operation of mechanisms of realization of their functions. Her person carries out charging, gymnastics, physical culture in the environmentally friendly environment and other measures. Has to be result of control balanced mentality, normal rhythms of walking, respiration and pulse, balance of exaltation and inhibition of a nervous system, hormonal equilibrium, balance of inflow and outflow of a blood of a brain and acid-base balance of all biological mediums, normal integrated functioning of an organism. Control of difficult essence of the person is also carried out at the power and spiritual level. Control is carried out by natural measures and turns into a healthy habit within a month emotional fixing.

Infrastructure of Maintaining of Healthy Longevity

Relevant is a process of formation of the international scientific communities aimed at development of applied scientific research using digital platforms and network forms of cooperation on detection of natural measures of normalization of vital systems of the person and formation of infrastructure of health care on the basis of a healthy lifestyle and health the supporting economy (Figure 1). The main development of the modern health care there shall be a formation at the population of a healthy lifestyle [11-15]. For this purpose it is necessary to create health the preserving medicine. The role of the doctor health of the preserving medicine consists in implementation of natural measures of normalization of vital systems of a difficult entity and a healthy lifestyle of patients.

Figure 1


Increase in motivation at the population to natural measures of normalization of an organism and to a healthy lifestyle shall be the purpose of the modern health care. Tasks of the modern health care becomes shall: formation health of creative outlook of the population, lecturing and distribution of literature on naturalscience aspects of health and a healthy lifestyle, an involvement of citizens in improving spiritual and sports collective actions, acquisition by citizens of all categories of the useful habits. To provide mass accessibility of the population to objects of physical culture: to stadiums, gymnasiums and platforms, pools. To provide a healthy supply and access to clear water and also diagnostics of a physiological status of citizens; To organize for the population of an action for formation of family and public culture of a healthy lifestyle; To provide physical, energetic and spiritual cleaning to citizens. To rely on ecology of the environment.

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