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Lupine Publishers | Does there is Relevancy between Falooda Ice Cream loving and Urine Nitrites?

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Naturally source of nitrites are vegetables like cabbage, spinach and vegetables, it is form of nitrogen. High levels of nitrites in urine is sign of urinary tract infection. Some bacteria are responsible for urinary tract infection such as proteus and klebsiella, but doctor also prescribed some antibiotics against bacteria. Women are more suffering in urine tract infection than men. Positive test for nitrites is called nitrituria. For measuring the levels of nitrites in urine urinalysis is done. Falooda ice cream looking beautiful with different layers that make it healthy drink but a few of people try to avoid by eating it because it contains high levels of sugar.

Keywords: Nitrites; E. Coli; Antibiotics; Urethra; Diabetes; Urinary tract infection


Nitrites is form of nitrogen, which contains two oxygen atoms. Nitrites is naturally found in vegetables like cabbage, celery, carrot and spinach. The presence of nitrites in urine may be harmful mean sign of urinary tract infection. The presence of nitrites in urine is due to bacterial infection in urinary tract. Urinary tract infection can occur in urethra, kidneys, ureters and bladder. Some bacteria have ability to convert the nitrates into nitrites due to presence of specific enzyme. The presence of nitrites in urine can be diagnosed with urinalysis test. The bacteria that are responsible for urinary tract infection, proteus, klebsiella, pseudomonas. But most common bacteria are E. coli in which urease enzyme is present that acidifies the urine. The symptoms of urinary tract infection include blood in urine, cloudy urine, strong smelling urine and burning with urination. Urinary tract infection is most common in pregnant women and may be dangerous. Urinary tract infection can cause premature delivery, headache, abdominal pain and high blood pressure in pregnant women if left untreated. If test for the nitrites in urine is positive it is called nitrituria. While negative nitrites test happens with dilute urine or low colony forming unit. A urinary tract infection is most common in women aged 20 to 50 years than man. There are many ways that one can prevents from nitrites in urine or urinary tract infection. Such as by drinking plenty of water bacteria can be flash out that is present in urinary system. Cranberry juice and apple cider vinegar also treat the urinary tract infection. Doctor also prescribed some medication for the treatment of nitrites in urine. Doctor prescribed antibiotics on the basis of what kind of bacteria cause infection. Patient should also take enough sleep and adopt personal hygiene. There are many drinks and foods that keep the body cool and fresh, similarly falooda ice cream is one of the most popular drink that sweet in taste and delicious. Falooda ice cream is a rich source of energy, one glass contains 218 calories. This is sweet dish that served to the people during hot days. This is made in tall glass which give beautiful appearance. The main ingredients of falooda ice cream sabja or basil seeds and semeia that is good for skin and hair have cooling properties. Other ingredients that are present in it like cream, milk, falooda, rooh afza and sugar. Sabja seeds help in weight loss and lowering the high blood pressure. Falooda ice cream has many health benefits, it provides energy to the body, keep body cool during hot days. There are many flavours of falooda ice cream like rabdi, rose syrup, royal, and kesar. People can make it at home easily. First, soaked basil seeds, dry them also soaked semeia seeds, boiled milk. Put them into blender and blend them. Then pour into tall glass add dry fruits, falooda, Almonds, ice cream and rooh afza and served it. If you want energy, then drink cold and sweet falooda ice cream because it contains vitamin and minerals due to presence of dairy products. People should drink or eat it 3 to 4 times per day. But patients of diabetes should avoid it because it contains too much glucose or sugar and cause heart disease and diabetes. The objective of present study was to correlate the falooda ice cream with urine nitrites [1,2].

Materials and Methods

For measuring the levels of nitrites in urine urinalysis is done. First of all, person will need an empty and clean plastic container so that filled it with fresh sample of urine. A strip and gloves are also required. By wearing the gloves dipped the new strip into container and stirred it into urine sample for 2 seconds. The colour of strip will change than before as it will dip into container. Draw out strip from the sample so that measured the levels of nitrites into urine. In the last discard the gloves, strip and container [3-6].

Project Design

There were 100 subjects who completed this survey, but main goal of this survey was asked to the students of Baha Uddin Zakariya university about falooda ice cream loving. Mostly students said that by eating falooda ice cream one can prevent from the hypertension and get too much energy. But the subjects who disagreed it said, that falooda ice cream lead to obesity and cardiovascular diseases (Table 1) [7].

Table 1: Relation between falooda ice cream and urine nitrites to the people that love falooda ice cream.


Table 2: Relation between falooda ice cream and urine nitrites to the people that do not love falooda ice cream.


This table shows males that have negative value of nitrites in their urine are 27% which are falooda ice cream loving and those who have positive value of nitrites are 13 % which are also falooda ice cream lover. Similarly, females having negative value are 22% and females with positive value are 8% which like the falooda ice cream. About the opinions of these males and female’s preparation of falooda ice cream is very easy and not cost expensive dish having many ingredients that prevent us from different diseases (Table 2).

This table shows that males with negative values are 17% and with positive values are only 4 % All of these males are not loving the falooda ice cream. Similarly, females having negative values are 6 %which are not like falooda ice cream. While females having positive value of nitrites in their urine are just 3% which are not loving falooda ice cream [8-10].


This was concluded that there is no relevancy between urine nitrites and falooda ice cream loving.

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