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Lupine Publishers | Thoughts are Mental Model to Create Your Past, Present and Future Life

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This piece of research communication I wrote on the basis of my personal experience of life with my own relevance which would be great contribution to Human Psychology. I coined very fresh term “Human Brain Quantum Psychology (HBQP)” [Refer my Article on it.] and using HBQP how one can switch his/her life from worst to good, good to nice and Nice to Excellent with the creation of positive thoughts for positive mental model which form successful and joyful life of everyone using “Law of Attraction” and the principles of “Quantum Mechanics” in universe must use positive thoughts for needs, desires, love, things, person, home, fame and family and universe offer according to what thoughts send by you using your all over available and surrounded electromagnetic force and frequencies to the Universe to structure present and future of someone as they want. Whereas past also because of same happened (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Human Brain Quantum Psychology(HPQP).



Above illustration gives you the idea what I wanted to interact with you and what is the point of attention, switching and refurbish your life if bad or average with turning it into excellent one. Everything start with your thoughts, if your thoughts are negative your feeling and thinking would be bad and in result bad frequencies send to the Universe and bad life in return because universe just obey your command what your thought emits without knowing good or bad, hence unwanted life back. If your thoughts are positive your feeling and thinking would be good and good frequencies send to the Universe and in return Universe fulfill your good wishes in the form of happy, healthy and wealthy life. Therefore everything even Universe and your life start with thoughts process which create your mental model, if thoughts are negative tends to bad/ frustrated/stressed/ depressed/weak/demotivated mental model whereas if thoughts are positive tends to good/happy/strong/ motivated/.innovative/confident mental model. This is because when your brain processing and formulating thoughts the law of attraction and principles of Human Brain Quantum Psychology (HBQP) as well as Quantum Mechanics work on it for you and emit frequency with electromagnetic everywhere near take formation of frequency which emit by your brain thoughts to the Universe and the Universe tune your frequency with match frequency as wishes of life and wished life send back to you from Universe and this is the universal fact you believe or not on it. Hence every time think positive thoughts then Ask, Believe and Receive all your wishes and your dreams come true with your positive mental model to form “Your Life and Your Own Universe”.

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