Monday 24 June 2019

International Journal of Architecture- Lupine Publishers

Dynamic Analysis of a Real Footbridge Structure in a Najaf City by Saad Al Wazni in Trends in Civil Engineering and its Architecture in Lupine Publishers

The presented study consists of a dynamic analysis of a real pedestrian bridge structure of about 35m span over the highway connect Kufa and centre city of Najaf (Iraq). The main objective of this analysis were to assess whether the dynamic properties of footbridge structure meets the main safety requirements with the appropriate verification criteria. The extracted dynamic properties of the structural bridge model are natural frequency and mode shape. ANSYS software is used to perform the analysis by the way of APDL method. In this study, the first seven vibration modes of the bridge model are extracted. The dynamic characteristics extracted by modal analysis of the adopted bridge structural model exhibited the uncomfortable of vibration modes compared with European standards.

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