Tuesday 4 June 2019

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Post-operative pain management in cases undergoing total abdominal hysterectomy is considered a major challenge for both gynecologists and anesthesiologists aiming for enhancing patient satisfaction and level of health care service requiring multidisciplinary management and planning regarding the pathway of pain management of pain [1,2]. Despite the fact that epidural form of analgesia is an efficient mode of managing post-operative pain in abdominal surgeries however less invasive forms are considered more practical and applicable for many health care systems [3,4].

Local analgesia infiltration is considered a simple and efficient mode of pain management that has reduced costs in comparison to epidural analgesia. Advancing the pain management protocols could enhance patient post-operative recovery and improve clinical outcomes [5,6]. A widely implemented synthetic opioid known as pethidine causes its analgesic action by Functioning as an agonist on opioid receptors, furthermore it has been revealed and displayed to exert a local anesthetic impact chiefly via Linked to its interfaces with sodium‑ion Channels that are voltage‑dependent. peripheral nerve conduction blockage action has been revealed and displayed widely in various in vivo and in vitro experimental animal research studies that makes its applicability in clinical practice in humans a promising protocol of management [7,8].

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