Wednesday 26 June 2019

How does the open access publishing of journals like Lupine Publisher's impact the world of research?

Open Access means that electronic scholarly research journals which are freely available on the Web to all users, with no license restrictions needed. In Open Access Journals Publishers researcher can maximize the impact of their work as the potential readership is far greater than that for publications where the full text is restricted to subscribers only. Open access publications also go through the same peer review process as non-open access publications. Open access does not interfere with a decision to accomplishment results commercially. The ethics propulsive the Open Access Policy that the outputs from publicly funded research should be publicly available to researchers and to potential users in education, business, institute and public sectors, and to the general public. It has become widely accepted in the scientific community that Open access promotes knowledge and enables innovation. Some researchers are still not fully aware of the benefits of Open access Journals publishers, or are doubtful about any direct positive impact. In recent study a citation advantage shows that for open access journals are affected that way If only 49% of the articles will Open access, they have an average citation count of 9.04, while non-open access articles have a lower citation count, at only 5.76. While it can increase the level of citations, open access journals is not the only factor that shapes citations to published work. The reputation of the journal depend upon only the promotion by the publisher, and the field of research can have an important impact on the citation level. The positive impact of Open Access Journals Publishers on citations and visibility is only the growing body of work. Increasingly, scholarly journals is becoming more widely accessible in multiple ways. Some journals are fully accessible to the public at no charge. Others are accessible in large part or for most issues. Still others are accessible to most of their expected audience under wide license agreements. If the journal is accessible by its expected audience, then the components of journal quality, such as the profile of its editorial board, its ability to attract excellent articles and so on, will continue to be paramount, whoever pays for its production.

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