Friday 21 June 2019

Processing and Analysis of Large-Scale Seismic Signal in Hadoop Platform (ARME) - Lupine Publishers

Seismic data are the data extracted from the digital readings of seismic  waves.  Seismic  waves  are  similar  to  the  recorded  echoes  what  we  make  on  the  top  of  rigged  cliff.  The  only  difference  is  that  these  seismic  waves  propagate  downwards.  In  our  modern  society, information increases in high speed and a large amount of data  resides  on  cloud  platform.  Over  1/3rd   of  total  digital  data  are  produced yearly which needs to be processed and analyzed. Huge-live  digital  data  like  seismic  data,  where  even  a  small  amount  of  information  impacts  greatly  to  human  life  has  to  be  analyzed  and  processed  to  obtain  more  valuable  information  [1].  Thus,  Hadoop 
ecological  system  comes  into  picture,  which  is  easy  to  develop  &  process applications of mass data, has high fault tolerance nature, being developed on java platform and an open source, and ensures deployment of system [2].

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