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Lupine Publishers | Relation of Falooda Ice Cream Loving with Protein in Urine

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The colour of urine is yellowish that contain toxic substances that is elevated from the body through urethra. Protein perform very important function in our body that is necessary for building up hair, nail. We obtained protein from the diet that we eat in our daily life such as meat, eggs and milk and great source of protein. But high levels of protein in urine may be harmful for body and cause many diseases that normally occur due to improper function of kidneys. The people that have abnormal levels of protein may be suffering hypertension, Amyloidosis and heart diseases. Eating too much falooda ice cream cause abnormal levels of protein because it contains dairy products. Urinalysis is used to detects the ingredients present in the urine. It was conclusive that falooda ice cream does not correlate with proteinuria.

Keywords:Amyloidosis; Lupus; Protein; Ice cream; Frothy Urine


Urine is yellowish shape fluid or liquid waste that contains 95%water and reminder contains of hormones ammonia, and proteins, salt and minerals. Urethra is present that discharged the urine from body. If colour of urine is pale yellow to gold, then everything is normal. Protein performs many important functions in our body such as body needs protein to build hair, nail, bone and muscles [1]. When blood pass through the kidneys then waste products and excess water are filter out. If high amount of protein is present in urine this is called proteinuria. There are a lot of causes of abnormal amount of protein in urine such as stress, fever, dehydration, strenuous exercise. Those people that elevated protein in urine than normal have many medical conditions like Amyloidosis, heart disease, hypertension, lupus, multiple myeloma. Similarly, symptoms related with proteinuria are shortness of breathing, Dry skin, fatigue, frothy urine, trouble sleeping, hiccups and vomiting [2,3]. Urinalysis is a test for detecting the protein in urine. Urine sample is tested with dipstick. When large amount of protein is present in urine then colour of strip paper will be change. Higher amount of protein in the urine is a sign of chronic kidney disease. There are some ways that one can avoid by adopting them. By avoiding dairy products, canned food, by eating 5 to 6 serving of fruits, less eating of meat, fish and eggs. When people eat too much meat eggs and dairy products so there is a chance of proteinuria. Because of all of these are source of protein. Too much protein in urine may damage kidneys and proximal renal tubules. Normally up to 145mg total protein found in urine per day. More than 250mg per day is known as Frank proteinuria. In normal pregnancy, renal blood flow increased, and additional protein lost in urine [4]. This protein loss should not be exceeding 270 mg in 24 hours. If more than 270 mg per day is found, then there is development of preeclampsia. Falooda ice cream is a sweet drink made with ice cream, kulfi, sabja seeds and boiled semiya. This is mostly found in every street corners of India and it is very cold and sweet drink. There are many healthy drinks for summer such as aim panna, Punjabi lassi and masala chaos. As ice cream available in many flavours similarly, falooda is available in many flavours such as kesar falooda and rose falooda. Falooda ice cream is most popular in Pakistan and India. People drink it during summer when sun burns everything with its high intensity. Falooda ice cream has very cooling properties because sabja seeds present in it. The colour of falooda ice cream may be rose or orange colour. There are other several ingredients that are present in it. Such as dry fruits, kulfi, Almonds, pistachios, semiya and boiled milk. Falooda ice cream is beneficial for health because too much healthy ingredients are present in it. So, people should eat it at least 3 times per week. Falooda ice cream provide cooling effects to our body and brain. The objective of present study was to associate the falooda ice cream with urine protein [5].


Urinalysis is used to detects the ingredients present in the urine. But here we performed this test to detect the levels of protein into urine. For which take a container put in which fresh sample of urine and dipped the strip into container for 4 seconds [6-8]. After that hold strip the colour of strip will be change. Matched strip with the given labelling chart and notes the value of protein.

Project Design

There were 100 participants or subjects in this survey their participation were from the Bahauddin Zakariya university. The main goal of this survey was asked to the students about the ice cream whether this is harmful or beneficial for health [9]. A few of students said that if it is eaten in high quantity this can be harmful because of healthy ingredients. But mostly students were agreed to this point that it can be beneficial, and they also said, that excess of everything is bad so people should eat this food or drink in limited amount.

Results and Discussion

This table shows that males that have negative value are 19 % while those males who have positive value are also 19%, All of these males love the falooda ice cream. Similarly, females having negative value are 13% and those females which have positive value are totally 8% all these are also falooda ice cream loving [10]. These males and females said, that falooda ice cream is energetic drink especially during summer (Table 1). This tables shows males which have negative value are 11% they do not like ice cream. While those males which have positive values are 10% these males also not falooda ice cream loving. While females having negative values are 12% that do not like falooda ice cream. Similarly females having values positive are only 8%. About their view of point by eating falooda ice it can cause many diseases such as obesity because it contains too much dairy products (Table 2).

Table 1: Relation of falooda ice cream loving to the protein in urine


Relation of not falooda ice cream loving with protein in urineResults of Changing Hyperparameters and the Elapsed Times.



It was concluded that there is no relation between falooda ice cream loving and protein in urine.

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