Wednesday 10 July 2019

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Family planning is defined as that all couples and individuals have right to have desired number of children, to decide the duration between the births freely and responsibly, and to have knowledge, tools and education in this regard. In other words, Family Planning is a protective service which allows married couples to have desired number of children according to their economical possibilities and personal wishes, and it ensures the couples to have births at appropriate intervals in accordance with the maternal and child health William et al. [1], Yıldırım [2]. Population growth has been the determinative factor in Family planning service requirements of countries. According to the World Bank reports between 2004 and 2020, the average population growth rates of come countries are estimated as follows; India (1.3), Ireland (1.2), Mexico (1.1), USA (0.9), Canada (0.8), China (0.6), Norway (0.5), Netherlands and the UK (0.3), Greece (0.1), Germany and Italy (0), Japan (-0.1). On the other hand, the population growth rate in Turkey in the same time interval will be higher than the world average (1.2 and 1.1). This population growth rate of Turkey will be one of the highest population growth rates in the world and Turkey will be one of the three countries in this regard (India and Ireland) with the highest rates Ulusoy [3], Population and the Environment [4].

In each minute, 380 women conceive, 190 women are faced with an unplanned or undesired pregnancy, 100 women experience complications related to pregnancy, 40 women experience unsafe abortion, and 1 woman die. Among all these deaths, 1% of them happen in developed countries and 99% of them happen in developing countries. In developing countries, 1 woman dies in each minute due to complications of the pregnancy. Almost 90% of these deaths can be preventable. In Turkey, there are approximately 1,8 million pregnancies in a year. Among all, 500.000 of them are abortions, 23.000 of them are stillbirths, and 1.350.000 of them are live births. Besides, 39.000 babies die before the age of one Altıparmak [5]. It has been reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) that annually 12% of 500.000 women die due to complications of abortion and 99% of these women are from developing countries. Studies conducted particularly in developing countries show that almost half of the abortions are performed as a family planning method due to the undesired pregnancies and these findings indicate the importance of the family planning services after these abortions Kabalcıoglu et al. [6], Erol et al. [7]. 

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