Monday 22 July 2019

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One of the most dangerous things happening right now is the breakup of the family. This affects women and children most, and men as well. Ever since the advent of Women’s Suffrage in the early 20th Century, followed by the world wars which brought women into the workforce in large numbers in jobs besides teaching and nursing, and final the advent of the Birth Control Pill, Western civilization has seen the decline of the nuclear family. Women have foregone their responsibility to be mother’s and wives. These things mention has led to extremely high divorce rates, so high that marriage is null nowadays. Children are not raised in a nurturing family environment where men take their rightful place as the bread winners and protectors of their families. We see youth with a lot of mental problems including suicide. Social problems such as pornography lead to the disinvitation of women and the role sex plays in procreation of valued human life. Abortion is ramped leading to the death of countless millions of little girls and boys. Now we have romped abortion rates, and a divide between men and women especially politically but more importantly as at odds in a shared life of the family. Women are genetically predisposed for having and rearing children -something only they can do.

The greatest harbinger of women’s’ safeguarding is or was the catholic Church. The Church is all but buried in the West. Without Religion as the foundation corner stone of the society, civilization wanes and will eventually collapse leaving a void where women will have to fend for themselves with the benefit of institutions such a s marriage, healthcare, social support. In the long run, socalled women’s rights will lead to a decline the wellbeing of not only women, but also of children and men. Men and women are different, something women don’t want to admit. They want to be womanlier by doing the things men are supposed to do. As we witness the close of the western civilization, we will see a corresponding decline in women’s health and their wellbeing. Women seem to want to be powerful. It seems to be an underlying theme that likely comes from penis envy. Women lack the decorum to dress modestly but flaunting whatever they can. They are the first ones to claim a crime when a man looks at them with lust in his heart. Single parent families because of free-sex has led to confusion among young men as to their sexual identify. Homosexuality abounds leading to “gay marriage”. And associated plagues such as Aids and suicide.

The way forward is to rebuild the civilization with the Church as the corner stone. We rebuild the family having mother’s stay at home or choose to work outside the home – not both. We see men regain their rightful place as the head of the household leaving jobs vacant for men. Remember, for every unhappy man is at least one unhappy woman. The sexual act should be contained to its rightful place as within and constrained by procreation within the nuclear family. In fact, the nuclear family should be expanded to include grandparents and respect for their wisdom for many years of living. As civilization crumbles, we can look to the demise of the nuclear family caused by the “modern” role of women.

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