Monday 11 March 2019

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Instructions for Irrigating and Watering Plants (Indonesian Version) by Uqbah Iqbal in Current Investigations in Agriculture and Current Research in Lupine Publishers

Written by Ir. Sri Najiyati & Ir. Danarti, human efforts to fulfill and regulate the need for plants for water, which is often called irrigation, have developed since ancient times. Although at that time the methods and tools used were still traditional and makeshift. At present the business has increased with technology. Various characteristics of plants in relation to water have been studied and sophisticated and modern mechanization tools have also been found, so that irrigation can be carried out appropriately both time and method as well as the amount of water requirements without requiring much labor. The description in this book begins with a description of the properties of water in nature and in relation to plants and the characteristics of each type of plant for water needs. Also contains instructions on ways to provide water for plants both traditional and modern, because according to the authors traditional methods are still relevant while modern methods are feasible to be implemented in Indonesia.

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