Friday, 22 March 2019

Journal of Drug Design and Development-Lupine Publishers

Historical records show that scientific advancements accounted for substantial changes in our life-style and wellbeing. The Industrial Revolution took place in the western countries in the 1700s when people first appreciated the terms ‘science’ and ‘technology’ and valued the applications of ‘technological innovations’ for their commercialization. During the World Wars, people experienced use of science and technology for destructive purposes. The 20th century science revolutionized the living standard of mankind and offered solutions to great socio-economic or strategic challenges of the time. Though industrialization is considered as an essential feature of economic growth, it at times is infamous due to the adverse environmental health consequences caused by the release of pollutants. Policies are being placed to create a course of action, followed by enactment (of a law), and then rules & regulations that are designed to carry out that law successfully. 

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