Tuesday 19 March 2019

Journal of Veterinary Science- Lupine Publishers

Occurance of Mycotoxins and Mycotoxicosis in Poultry by Nikola Puvača in CDVS in Lupine Publishers

Mycotoxins are biologically active, toxic metabolites produced by toxigenic fungi mainly belonging to Aspergillus, Fusarium and Penicillium species, which invade crops in the field and may grow on feedstuffs during storage under favourable conditions of temperature and humidity [1]. FAO estimated that about 25% of food and feedstuffs are contaminated with mycotoxins and strong efforts have been made to decontaminate them by the use of physical and chemical adsorbents but the success made so far is limited [2]. Like other environmental pollutants, mycotoxins also adversely affect the health and productivity in animals and esecially in poultry [3,4].


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