Thursday 7 March 2019

Nanomedicine Open Access Journal-Lupine Publishers

Energy is an extensive view for industrial advancement. Solar thermal energy is designed by light and heat which is radiated by the sun, in the form of electromagnetic radiation. Solar energy is the highest promptly and sufficiently applicable authority of green energy. Impact of nanoparticle shapes on the Hiemenz nano fluid (water based Cu, Al2O3 and SWCNTs) flow over a porous wedge surface in view of solar radiation energy has been analyzed. The three classical form of nanoparticle shapes are registered into report, i.e. sphere , cylinder and laminar . Nanoparticles in the water based Cu, Al2O3 and SWCNTs have been advanced as a means to boost solar collector energy through explicit absorption of the entering solar energy. The controlling partial differential equations (PDEs) are remodeled into ordinary differential equations (ODEs) by applying dependable accordance alteration and it is determined numerically by executing Runge Kutta Fehlberg method with shooting technique. It is anticipated that the lamina shape SWCNTs have dynamic heat transfer attainments in the flow improvement over a porous wedge surface as compared with the other nanoparticle shapes in different nano fluid flow regime.

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