Thursday 28 March 2019

Agriculture open access journals-Lupine Publishers

by RAE ZH Aliyev in CIACR in Lupine Publishers.

The article gives the results of studies of the effect of soil and fertilizer treatment on the productivity of winter wheat in the Ganja-Gazakh zone of Azerbaijan (Figure 1). The positive effect of fertilizers on plants of winter wheat is manifested only in well-cultivated soils with a reaction of the environment close to neutral. At the same time it is proved that between the intensity of the application of mineral fertilizers and the productivity of grain crops around the world, a close direct dependence is established. Consequently, the highest yield of grain here was obtained in the variant of dung 10t / ha + N90P90K60 57.1 c / ha, an increase of 24.3 c / ha or 74.1%, where the yield increase by 40-50% is due to the application of fertilizers.To know more click on below link.

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