Monday 4 March 2019

Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology-Lupine Publishers

Metals like lead, copper, cadmium dispersed in environment. Heavy metals considered toxic. They have adverse and acute after effects on humans. These metals although have beneficial effect but hazards are pronounced. Level of heavy metals is increasing due to rapid industrialization and pollution. Toxicity of metals causes diseases and health issues among people. It is complicated to measure possible health risk of occupational persons. So detection of these metals in blood is important issue. Even at low amount intake of trace element can lead to health problems among people. Blood is directly influenced by toxicity when inhaled these metals from environment where existence of heavy metal is high. This presently, initiate to work on scientific detection of metals effect on human and health assessment. From study metals copper, cadmium, lead concentration in blood samples were found slightly above the recommended values. Cadmium concentration examined at moderate. Results predict the lowest and high concentration in whole blood of contacted HM group was (0.56–8.78ppm) and (.08 – 4.67ppm). Cadmium highest value among whole blood exposed samples range (.03 - .98 ppm). Range of copper in blood from table in whole blood is from (0.01 – 1.107ppm).In affected person’s blood samples metals found at greater level and related with contact period. Inhalation of fumes of metal in industrial places causes hazards.To know more click on below link.

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