Friday 8 March 2019

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There  is  presented  the  author’s  mini  Review  of  the  realized  theoretical   investigation   of   the   Multi   (n=6)-component   Mass  Transfer (MMT) kinetics of the process inside the modern combined sorption “Nano-Composite” (NC) materials. The visual NC examples considered  in  the  author’s  manuscripts  may  be  represented  by  the   selective   bi-functional   NC   as   the   “Metal 0-Ion   Exchangers (IEx)”  planar  NC  L-membrane  matrix  where  the  inner  active  zero charged  “NP 0-nano-sites”  (i.e.  Nano  Particles,  Me 0-agglomerates) are imbedded into the final combined NC-IEx sorption matrix resulting after the preliminary synthesis of the final NC L-matrix considered. The computer simulation for the modelling of the MMT NC  kinetics  is  based  here  on  the  foundations  of  the  irreversible  thermodynamics   such   as   multi(n)-component   mass   balance n (6)-Eqns.  in  partial  differentials  characterized  fundamentally  by  the new k (2) (6)-“thermodynamic  variance”  (k-parameter).  

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