Friday 8 March 2019

Civil Engineering Research Journal- Lupine Publishers

Estimating Deformations of Laboratory Structures Subjected to Loadings Using Images Collected with Phone Camerase by Rolands Kromanis in Trends in Civil Engineering and its Architecture in Lupine Publishers

A Fundamental civil engineering knowledge is the ability to understand, explain and calculate deformations of/in civil structures. New civil engineers acquire this knowledge at universities in material science, engineering mechanics and introduction to structural engineering modules. Structural deformations can be calculated when knowing material properties, geometry and boundary conditions of a structure and loads that are applied on/to it. Inverse engineering can be employed if deformations of a structure are known, but some other parameters are not known. Theoretical formulae are then tested using laboratory test beds, usually beams. Laboratory technicians are responsible for the acquisition of deformation measurements of laboratory tests.

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