Tuesday 5 March 2019

I have no doubt to state Virtual Humanoid Robots (VHRs) are the ultimate level of Artificial Intelligence which change the scenario of world and human technologies, it would be applicable in all domains of technology with common factor Ultra Artificial Intelligence (UAI) with disappear and appear ability by any means which boost to our civilization from Type-0 to type-1 civilization at least and would be first step to compete with Aliens technology, if exist (hypothesis only). I would like to define term Virtual Humanoid Robotics (VHR) as “it’s Humanoid Robotics with UAI and has ability to transform from Physical to Virtual by any Internal (Humanoid Self-Control) or External (Human-Control) mode activation mechanism”. VHR is future technology which will use energy from Sun (or Space), Internet of Things (IoT) with RFID USN, Bigdata and Self-learning and healing mechanism. Now I would like to generate future utopia front of your eyes with initial modeling to coined term VHR in this short communication.

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