Tuesday 28 August 2018

Anorgasmia: (IGWHC) - Lupine Publishers

Anorgasmia by Flavia gomes dos santos in Interventions in Gynaecology and Women’s Healthcare (IGWHC) in Lupine Publishers

Female anorgasmia is the inability to have an orgasm, not to be confused with a lack of desire. They are different things, because in the woman does feel desire but fails to reach orgasm. Only 5% of cases of anorgasmia are of organic origin: diabetes, multiple sclerosis, neurological and gynecological problems. The origin is psychological for 95% of women with this disorder. It’s something that happens in the head, and which is related to what you have to learn or unlearn, with the concept of pleasure that is being managed, and with ones self-esteem.


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