Friday 24 August 2018

Rupture of Unsacred Uterus in a Primipara (A Case Report): (OAJRSD)- Lupine Publishers

Rupture of Unsacred Uterus in a Primipara by Hisham Hussein Imam in Open Access Journal of Reproductive System and Sexual Disorders in Lupine Publishers

A 31 years old lady gravid 2 para zero plus one with 39 weeks plus 5 days gestation came to labor and delivery room complaining of lower abdominal pain. She reported that her menstrual cycles were regular before pregnancy. Her obstetric history revealed a previous one complete abortion in first trimester not followed by curettage. In her current pregnancy, she had threatened abortion at the first trimester to which she was prescribed oral progesterone supplementation and her second and third trimester were uneventful. When came to the labor and delivery room, she was vitally stable, abdominal examination revealed the uterus to be term and with clinically big baby with cephalic presentation. Cardiotoco graphic tracing was reactive and with mild uterine contractions. Per vagina examination revealed that the uterine cervix was 2 to 3 centimeters dilated, soft, 50 percent effaced and posterior and the fetal head was at minus 3 station. Bedside gravid uterus ultrasound was requested and revealed a single living fetus with cephalic presentation with estimated fetal weight of 3750 grams, placenta fundal and amniotic fluid to be clear and average in amount.

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