Friday 24 August 2018

Microbial Source Tracking Markers for Detection of Faecal Contamination in Environmental Waters: CDVS-Lupine Publishers

Microbial source tracking (MST) describes a suite of methods and an investigative strategy for determination of faecal pollution sources in environmental waters. They rely on the association of
certain fecal microorganisms with a particular host, that ranges from human [1] to agricultural animals [2,3] to pets [4] and wild animals such as gulls [5]. MST is used to appraise recreational
water quality and to correlate with human health risk. Many MST publications fixate mostly on human source contamination, as this has been an issue of concern for managers and regulators. Human sewage pollution is among the greatest concerns especially in India [7,8] for human health due to [1] the known risk of exposure to human waste and [2] the public and regulatory will to reduce sewage pollution. However, methods to identify animal sources are receiving increasing attention as our understanding of zoonotic disease potential improves. 

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