Friday 31 August 2018

Nursing, Work and Mental Illness: (RRHOAJ)-Lupine Publishers

The worker’s health is a public health whose object of study and intervention the relationship between work and health, which establishes a control of hazards to worker health. Thus, the term occupational health the body of knowledge from different disciplines such as Occupational Health Nursing, Public Health, Medicine, Occupational Medicine, Sociology, Social Epidemiology, Engineering, Psychology, among many others, which together with the scientific knowledge on occupational health establishes a new way of understanding the relationship between health and work. The work is a transformative activity of reality that provides the conditions for survival and fulfillment of the worker. Through actions, the product of their labor, the human being realizes his life as a project, recognizes its ontological condition, embodied and expressed their dependence and power over nature, producing the material, cultural and institutional resources that constitute its environment [1].

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