Saturday 25 August 2018

Risk Assessment of Singeing Process for Skin-on Meat Chevon: CDVS-Lupine Publishers

Singed Skin-on meat from Red Sokoto Goat is favourably consumed in Nigeria, different singeing materials: kerosene, wood, scrap tyre, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) randomly assigned to singed Red Sokoto Goats to evaluate the quantity of singeing materials, duration of singeing, quantity of detergents and time take to clean up the carcass. Significant difference (P<0.05) exist in the quantum of singeing materials and detergent used, the time required to remove soot and other particulate matter from singeing was least in LPG singed carcass (15.04 Minutes) while the duration for removing the physical and certain chemical contaminants from the carcass was significantly similar. Even though the quantity of tyre used was least, the duration of singeing using tyre was more than that of LPG. It was noted that the quantity of detergent in LPG and tyre singed carcass were highest while the quantity and duration of singeing were highest in wood and kerosene. Particulate matter emitted during singeing process poses threat to safety of life both on land and below water henceforth singeing should be replaced with other carcass dressing methods with strict policy.

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