Saturday 25 August 2018

It is known that long time before artificial insemination (AI) technology had only a single institution nationally i.e. National Artificial Insemination Center (NAIC) and which is found in Addis Ababa City, Kality area that is serving the community at national level. But now the government has given great emphasis establishing other four semen and liquid nitrogen production and distribution centers in four regional states. From these four AI technologies centers, one of them is instituted in Nekemte town, western Oromia, Ethiopia. This manual was conducted on procedures and utilization of artificial insemination (AI) technologies in Nekemte semen and liquid nitrogen and production and distribution centre, to determine how this technology is performed and to identify and evaluate the challenges and opportunities to characterize this technology. This manual was conducted to assess problems and constraints associated with the AI technologies, its adoption, utilizations and public awareness in the center and the community in the area. So, this manual indicates the procedures of this technology starting from the beginning of the selection of sound semen producing bulls up to the delivery of AI bred calves. During conducting this manual, it has been noted that after selection of bulls for breeding and up to the production of semen containing mini straws, it is passed through high complicated and tedious laboratory procedures which requires high techniques and efforts in addition to liquid nitrogen production. Therefore, the community should be aware of about this technology and use it properly for basic change.

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