Friday 24 August 2018

Food, Nutrition and Preventive Medicine: (SJFN) - Lupine Publishers

Food, Nutrition and Preventive Medicine by Elevina Perez Sira  in Scholarly Journal of Food and Nutrition (SJFN) in  Lupine Publishers

A person’s diet choice is related not only to their biological needs and the availability to the foods, but also to the customs, aspirations, and expectations of their societies. The quantity and quality of the food consumed, the choice of them, and the cultural gastronomies surrounding eating habits have varied throughout history and culture. Moreover, there are consumers that need special requirements for their nutrition to prevent or control diseases. In this context, the consumers could be classified as -common or conservative consumers, -conservative consumers with special regimes due to age, cultural, or religious conditions, (which include infants, vegetarians and vegans, sports, old age, among others), and consumers with physiological and metabolic disorders that are controlled or prevented with special food regimes as well.

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