Tuesday 28 August 2018

Modern Vacation of Economic Development Indicators of Caspian Regions in Azerbaijan: (CIACR) - Lupine Publishers

a. Area: 3,29 thousand km2.
b. Population: 551,800 people.
c. Administrative districts: Sumgait city, Absheron and Khizi districts.
d. Natural resources: sawdust, limestone, cements raw material, quartz, construction sand, balneological resources.
e. Main areas of the economy: Industrial and agrarian- industrial complex, tourism.
f. Industrial areas: oil and gas extraction, petrochemicals and chemistry, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, energy, light and food industries.
g. Agrarian fields: livestock breeding, poultry farming, sheep breeding, vegetable growing, gardening, vine growing, flowering and dry subtropical fruits. Olive, saffron, pistachio and other products are grown.
h. Areas of service: Construction, transport, communic ation, tourism and so on.
i. It is the only economic region with no domestic drinking water. The economic region is provided by drinking water and water pipes from the Samur and Kura rivers.

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