Friday 24 August 2018

Use of Dietary Yeast and its Products in the Feeding Regime of Meat Type Goats: CDVs-Lupine Publishers

All around the world, sheeps and goats play an important role in small scale farming systems. Goat farming is very beneficial from economic point of view. It provides many products but meat and milk are the major products. Goat meat has low level of calorie, fat and cholesterol so it is a healthy substitute to beef and lamb. Moreover goats also use extensively to provide milk for human consumption. It is easier to digest than cow’s milk because it has smaller fat globules than cow’s milk. In order to support metabolic process all living organisms require essential nutrients, to keep themselves alive so variations in animal diets may improve both the quantity and quality of the final products. In recent years, yeasts are gaining popularity in fattening system as a probiotics.

Since yeast is robust with high viability under a range of environmental conditions and can be culture very easily so yeast cultures are more commonly used as a feed supplements in livestock feeding systems. These cultures have positive impact on microbial population in gastrointestinal tract and they increase the beneficial activities associated with these microorganisms that has indirect impact on animal performance. Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Aspergillusoryza are the most important yeast products and they are very significant for the manipulation of rumen metabolism.

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