Friday 24 August 2018

Anti-Synepthelichorial Placenta Scfv Library Construction: CDVS-Lupine Publishers

Anti-Synepthelichorial Placenta ScfvLibrary Construction by Paulo Henrique Costa de Lima in Concepts of Dairy & Veterinary Sciences (CDVS) in Lupine Publishers

Hens were immunized with a macerate of goat and sheep placentomes. Immunizations were repeated every 15 days. Eggs were collected over a period of 03 immunizations, IgY isolated, and its concentration measured. After 45 days of the start of immunization, chickens were euthanized, their spleens isolated and fragmented for total RNA extraction by Trizol method. Performed the synthesis
of cDNA, was amplified by PCR the fragments of immunoglobulin G avian variable light chain (VL) and heavy chain (VH). Fragments of VL and VH were used to constitute the final product by recombinant PCR-overlap process. The results present the feasibility of building a library of scFv anti goats and sheep placenta opening the possibility of manufacture diagnostic kits for various physiological situations of placental trophoblast cells belonging to these species.

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