Saturday 25 August 2018

Spirit of Make in India for Rural Prosperity through Dairying in Telangana: CDVS-Lupine Publishers

Dairying in India is not just a large economic activity but also an integral part of our social and cultural heritage. Trusting capabilities of our farmers and integrating them with superior, even imported, technology, feed and fodder is the way ahead. The sector requires renewed attention and investments from Government and agricultural research and development community. The Dairy business provides employment to the landless and land owners alike and the income thus generated checks urban to rural migration. In addition, milk, being a complete nutrition, will play a key role in combating malnutrition and poverty. India’s market potential and current growth rate of traditional dairy products is unmatched. Reconfiguration of the supply chain will not only require introduction of technology for large scale manufacture but also a second intervention in terms of a business model to expand the demand of traditional products in future and upscale their quality standards. Foreign firms have been closely examining Telangana’s suitability as a destination for foreign direct investment (FDI). With a population of 35,286,757 and a GDP of $53.9 billion, there is ample room in India’s newest State for exceptional growth. The industrial policy framework is driven by the slogan. In Telangana Innovate, Incubate, And Incorporate”. The industrial policy announced by the Government provides a business regulatory environment where doing business would be as easy as shaking hands. It is expected that the most significant outcome of this approach will be the production of high quality VIJAYA milk products at the most competitive price, which establishes “Made in Telangana - Made in India as a brand with has already attained high global recognition.

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