Friday 31 August 2018

Nanoemulgel Innovative Approach for Topical Gel Based Formulation: (RRHOAJ)-Lupine Publishers

Nanoemulgel Innovative Approach for Topical Gel Based Formulation by
Bhupendra G Prajapati in Research and Reviews on Healthcare: Open Access Journal in Lupine Publishers 

The lipophilic nature of majority of newly developed drugs has resulting in poor bioavailability, and pharmacokinetic variations. The goal of this evaluation is to evaluate and report the current potential and future scope of nanoemulgel formulation for becoming an effective delivery system for poorly water-soluble drugs. Nanoemulgel consist two different systems in which drug containing nanoemulsionis incorporated into a gel base. The fusion of these two systems makes this formulation advantageous in several ways. Lipophilic drugs can be easily incorporated and the skin permeability of the incorporated drugs can be enhanced in several folds due to the finely distributed oil droplets in gel phase. Simultaneously, it can be targeted more specifically to the site of action and can avoid first pass metabolism and relieve the user from gastric/systemic incompatibilities. The nanoemulgel drug delivery system is a formulation related intervention to improve drug absorption and therapeutic profile of lipophilic drugs. An increasing trend in nanoemulgel use in recent years has been noticed because of the better acceptability of the preparation to the patients due to their non-greasy, convenience spreadability, and easy applicability and good therapeutic and safety profile. Despite having few limitations, nanoemulgel formulation can be considered as potential and promising candidates for topical delivery of lipophilic drugs in the future.

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