Tuesday 28 August 2018

Effectiveness of Health Education Programmed on Knowledge regarding Management of Orthopedic Appliances among Fracture Patients at RL Jalappa Hospital, Kolar: (OSMOAJ) - Lupine Publishers

Introduction: Effectiveness of health education programme was evaluated among forty patients diagnosed as having fracture and admitted at RLJH and RC with different types of orthopedic appliances.
Methodology: Using quasi experimental one group pre and post test design, patients were assessed for their knowledge followed by a health education programme was administered on management of orthopedic appliances among fracture patients. After seven days, a post test was conducted.
Findings: The results showed that structured health education programmed was effective in improving the knowledge score among fracture patients on management of orthopedic appliances.
Conclusion: Health professionals should spend some time with fracture patient to educate regarding orthopedic appliances and its related complications. So that, future occurrence of complications related to orthopedic appliances can be prevented.

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