Tuesday 28 August 2018

Study of Parameters and Reliability of the Minortress Irrigation System for Work in the Conditions of Mining Farming in Azerbaijan: (CIACR) - Lupine Publishers

In recent years both in the republic, and in the CIS and far abroad, the development of stationary systems of low-intensity irrigation, consisting of micro-irrigation, pulse sprinkling of self-oscillating action, aerosol irrigation, combined micro humidification, drip, pulse-drop and others. This is due to the fact that the system of low- intensity irrigation has a number of significant advantages over other methods of irrigation. Especially promising is the creation of automated sprinkling systems with pulsed apparatuses, microincendiaries of the combined, step-type micro-idlers of the rocker type, pulse-dropping devices of self-oscillating action, etc. It should be noted that these systems can reduce the capital costs for their construction, also provide the principle of both "sprinkling” and "drip irrigation” with daily water consumption of plants. That is, to create optimal conditions for the growth and development of plants in the period of their vegetation.

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