Friday 5 October 2018

Addiction to Tobacco: A War That Begins to Win: (SJPBS)- Lupinepublishers

For several centuries’ humanity has become addicted to tobacco, as a social entrance to an allowed addiction, and that each smoker was charged its respective bill, with ways to die of the most brutal and suffered possible. The complications of nicotine addiction are based on the form of its entry route, which is respiratory due to smoking, and hence the complications of the referred habit, mainly emphysema and lung cancer. The national survey of addictions reveals that in Mexico 18.5% of the population smokes; that is, almost 20 million people with tobacco habit; almost 50 thousand cases of deaths per year have been reported and that makes us an average of 130 to 140 deaths per day, following the worldwide trend of starring in the number of deaths.

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