Monday 29 October 2018

Tips for Grandparents: (OAJCAM) - Lupine Publishers

Tips for Grandparents | Lupine Publishers

Tips for Grandparents by Uqbah Iqbal in Open Access Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine in Lupine Publishers


The lives of traditional Malays are always circled with various incidents that can cause a person to experience various diseases. A disease can be cured through medical methods. Since disease can be avoided, Malay credentials believe there are several ways in which the disease can be avoided.  Hence, there are some tips that allow the Malay community to practice the tips to achieve a better life. In traditional Malay medicine, the use of many tips is practiced. Tips are not only used for treating ailments but have many other functions. Tips are often used for the purpose of maintaining a personal beauty, a taste of cuisine and so on. The tips used by ordinary Malaysians use the many herbs that grow in the area of the home. Knowledge of this herbaceous plant can be used as a cure for illness. Therefore, the use of herbs in the tips is widespread. Tips are derived from one generation to one generation. Practical delivery is often done to facilitate a new generation of practicing the tips. Hence, one does not need a detailed study on the use of herbs but is sufficiently illustrated by the previous generation either in the village community or in the city. In everyday life, there  are just new tips.

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